Accounting/Business Administration 2+2, to FUS, A.S.
• Accounting/Business Studies, A.A.S.
• Advanced Manufacturing, A.A.S.
• AS Concentration: Engineering & Construction Management Transfer to Wheeling University, A.S.
• Associate in Arts Degree, English/Humanities Concentration
• Associate in Arts Degree, General Concentration
• Associate in Arts Degree, History/Social Science Concentration
• Associate in Arts Degree, Psychology Concentration
• Associate in Science Degree
• Board of Governors, A.A.S.
• Business Administration 2+2 to WLU, A.S.
• Business Administration Transfer Option, A.S.
• Business Administration, Business Studies 2+2 to FUS, A.A.S.
• Business Administration, Business Studies, A.A.S.
• Business Administration, Business Studies: Management Concentration 2+2 to WVSU, A.A.S.
• Business Administration, Pre-Business Studies 2+2 to WVU, A.A.S.
• Business Office, Business Career Studies, C.A.S.
• Community Education 2+2 to WLU, A.A.
• Computer Information Systems Specialization, Business Administration 2+2 to WLU, A.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology A+ Computer Repair, C.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology, Cyber Security 2+2 to UC, A.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology, Cyber Security, A.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology, Microsoft Applications, C.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology, Microsoft Applications/Support Desk, A.A.S.
• Computer Information Technology, Software Engineering, A.A.S.
• Criminal Justice 2+2 to WLU, A.A.S.
• Criminal Justice, A.A.S.
• Culinary Arts, A.A.S.
• Culinary Arts, C.A.S.
• Early Childhood: Care and Education (Paraprofessional Educator), A.A.S.
• Education: Elementary Education, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Education: PK-5 Elementary Education, A.A. (Transfer to FUS)
• Education: Pre-K, K Early Intervention, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Education: Secondary Education, English Specialization, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Education: Secondary Education, Social Sciences Specialization, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Elementary Education (Pre-Elementary Education Option) Transfer to BC, A.A.
• Executive Administrative Assistant, Business Studies, A.A.S.
• Health Information Technology, A.A.S.
• Hospitality and Tourism, C.A.S.
• Human Services, A.A.S.
• Industrial Maintenance Technology, C.A.S.
• Industrial Technology, A.A.S.
• Instrumentation Process Technology, A.A.S.
• Medical Assisting, Administrative Medical Assistant, C.A.S.
• Medical Assisting, Clinical Medical Assistant, A.A.S.
• Medical Billing and Coding, C.A.S.
• Nursing, A.A.S.
• Occupational Development, A.A.S.
• Patient Care Technician, C.A.S.
• Petroleum Technology, A.A.S.
• Petroleum Technology, C.A.S.
• Psychology 2+2 to WU, A.A.
• Psychology with Social Work, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Radiography, A.A.S.
• Radiologic Technology, Degree Completion, A.A.S.
• Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology, A.A.S.
• Small Business Management, Business Career Studies, C.A.S.
• Social Work 2+2 to FUS, A.A.
• Social Work 2+2 to WVU, A.A.
• Social Work, A.A. (Transfer to West Liberty University)
• Social Work/Pre-Social Work Transfer to BC, A.A.
• Substance Abuse Intervention Specialist, A.A.S.
• Substance Abuse Intervention Technician, Advanced Skills Set
• Surgical Technology, A.A.S.
• Technical Studies, A.A.S.
• Welding Technology, A.A.S.
• Welding: Combination Pipe, Advanced Skills Set Program
• Welding: Oil and Gas Pipe, C.A.S.
• Welding: Structural Steel, Advanced Skills Set Program




计算机 c/c++,java,python,R,matlab,stata,spss,eviews,jupyter note,hadoop,汇编,底层,软件,数据分析,数据挖掘,模型。