AADM 546 Special Topics 
ACCT 510 Analysis of Financial Performance Through Managerial Accounting 
ACCT 546 Special Topics 
ACCT 550 Fraud Examination 
ACCT 587 Accounting Internship 
ACCT 588 Independent Study 
BLAW 530 Ethical and Legal Decision Making 
BLAW 540 Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment of Business 
BLAW 546 Special Topics 
BLAW 550 Legal Aspects of Financial and Commercial Transactions 
BLAW 588 Independent Study 
CISS 602 Aligning Technology With Organizational Strategy 
COUN 510 The Counseling Profession and Ethics 
COUN 520 Multicultural Perspectives 
COUN 530 Human Development in Social Context: Lifespan Counseling 
COUN 540 Theories of Counseling 
COUN 545 Introduction to School Counseling 
COUN 546 Special Topics
COUN 550 Career Development and Counseling 
COUN 565 Behavior Disorders 
COUN 570 Couples and Family Counseling 
COUN 571 Counseling Children and Adolescents 
COUN 572 Advanced Counseling for Children and Adolescents 
COUN 580 Trauma and Crisis: an Integrated Approach 
COUN 581 Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choice And Interventions 
COUN 582 Integrative Health Care 
COUN 583 Introduction to Supervision 
COUN 584 Supervision Foundstions 
COUN 585 Supervision for the Substance Abuse Profession 
COUN 588 Independent Study 
COUN 590 Models of Addiction Counseling and Co-Occuring Disorders Counseling 
COUN 591 Substnce Abuse Disorders Counseling 
COUN 592 Fieldwork in Substance Abuse Disorders 
COUN 593 Motivational Interviewing 
COUN 595 Testing and Assessment in Counseling 
COUN 635 Prevention and Intervention in Schools 
COUN 640 Psychodiagnostics and Treatment Planning 
COUN 645 School Counseling Program and Leadership 
COUN 650 Psychopharmacology for Counselors 
COUN 660 Research, Evaluation, and Evidenced- Based Practices 
COUN 665 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
COUN 675 Counseling Techniques 
COUN 680 Group Counseling 
COUN 690 Counseling Practicum 
COUN 691 Practicum in School Counseling

COUN 692 Internship in Elementary School Counseling 
COUN 693 Internship in Secondary School Counseling 
COUN 695 Counseling Internship 
COUN 696 Advanced Counseling Internship 
COUN 698 Fieldwork 
COUN 699 Action Research Project
COUN 710 Introduction to Counseling Education, Trends, and Research 
COUN 712 Research Methodology I 
COUN 714 Research Methodology II 
COUN 715 Supervision Foundations 
COUN 720 Clinical Trauma Informed Counseling 
COUN 725 Instructional Design and Adult Learning 
COUN 727 Diversity, Social Justice, and Professional Leadership 
COUN 729 Consultation, Organizational Change, and Program Evaluation 
COUN 730 Advanced Counseling Theories 
COUN 735 Best Practices in Counselor Education 
COUN 740 Group Counseling 
COUN 745 Counseling Supervision Theory, Practice, And Research 
COUN 750 Brain, Behavior, and Psychopharmacology 
COUN 760 Advanced Practicum 
COUN 770 Advanced Clinical Testing, Measurement, And Appraisal 
COUN 775 Integrative Behavioral Health Care, Wellness, and Career 
COUN 777 Ethical and Legal Issues Within Counseling 
COUN 780 Counseling Internship 
COUN 790 Advanced Counseling Internship 
COUN 795 Dissertation 
ECON 510 The Numbers That Move the World 
ECON 546 Special Topics 
ECON 588 Independent Study 
ECON 610 Global Business Cycles and Economic Policy 
EDEL 500 Quality Questioning and Alignment of Instruction and Assessment to Assure Rigor and Student Engagement in Learning 
EDEL 501 Standards-Based Teaching, Assessment, And Grading 
EDEL 503 Formative Assessments: Using Data for Instructional Planning and Intervention 
EDEL 504 Active Engagement and Brain-Compatible Learning 
EDEL 505 ELL Strategies for Classroom Teachers 
EDEL 506 Managing Literacy Instruction: Integration of Best Practices, Common Core, MtSS, and Gradual Release of Responsibility 
EDEL 508 The Instructional Framework, Supporting The Growth of Teachers and Students 
EDEL 552 Linguistics, the Structure of Language, And the Dual Language Classroom 
EDEL 553 Language Acquisition 
EDEL 554 ELL Testing, Assessment, and MtSS 
EDEL 555 ELL Internship 
EDPD 510 Internet Course 
EDPD 546 Special Topics 
EDPD 547 Special Topics 
EDPD 548 Special Topics

EDPD 549 Special Topics 
EDUC 505 Leading With Integrity 
EDUC 506 Best Practices in High Impact Coaching 
EDUC 507 Leadership and Institutional Change 
EDUC 508 Field Experience: Innovative Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching 
EDUC 510 Internet Course 
EDUC 513 Supervision for Cooperating Teachers 
EDUC 518 Foundations and Psychology of Reading And Language Acquisition 
EDUC 519 Assessment and Treatment of Reading Difficulties (K-8) 
EDUC 520 Assessment and Treatment of Reading Difficulties (5-12) 
EDUC 522 Quality Classroom Management: Foundations 
EDUC 523 Quality Classroom Management: Self Assessment 
EDUC 524 Bldg Quality Teacher-Student Relationships 
EDUC 525 Quality Classroom Management: Non-Coercion 
EDUC 531 Adolescent Literacy 
EDUC 535 Multicultural Literature 
EDUC 536 Fitting the Pieces Together 
EDUC 537 Multicultural Approach to Teaching 
EDUC 538 Creating Conditions for Learning 
EDUC 539 Literacy Links Success in K-2 Classrooms 
EDUC 540 Educational Strategies for the Gifted 
EDUC 541 Psychology of the Gifted 
EDUC 542 Teaching the Art of Writing (K-12) 
EDUC 543 Identification and Programming for the Gifted 
EDUC 544 Administration and Supervision of Gifted Programs 
EDUC 545 Gifted Education Internship 
EDUC 546 Special Topics 
EDUC 550 Children’s and Multicultural Literature 
EDUC 551 Adolescent and Multi-Cultural Literature 
EDUC 554 Bullies, Victims, and Violence 
EDUC 556 Directing Reading Assessment, Diagnosis, And Evaluation 
EDUC 568 Improving Oral Communication 
EDUC 570 Content Area Reading Strategies 
EDUC 571 Field Expernce: Birth Through 36 Months 
EDUC 574 Field Experience: Kindergarten 
EDUC 575 Field Experience: Grades 1-3 
EDUC 580 Children’s and Adolescent Literature in The Reading Program 
EDUC 581 Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education (ec, Pk-3) 
EDUC 582 Administration, Supervision, and Leadership in Reading Programs 
EDUC 588 Independent Study 
EDUC 590 Supervision and Staff Development 
EDUC 594 Learning Styles 
EDUC 595 Exceptional Student in Regular Classroom 
EDUC 596 Practicum in Reading Leadership 
EDUC 597 Seminar in Reading Research 
EDUC 599 K-12 Reading Curriculum and Instructional Supervision 
EDUC 600 Ethical Issues in School and Society: Past, Present, and Future 
EDUC 604 Proseminar 
EDUC 605 Teaching Reading to Students With Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties 
EDUC 608 The Art of Leadership 
EDUC 609 Culture and Language Acquisition 
EDUC 610 Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in Online Environments 
EDUC 612 Equity and Social Justice in Education 
EDUC 613 Introduction to Individual Education Assessment 
EDUC 614 Advanced Individual Education Assessment 
EDUC 619 Collaboration and Transition – the School and the Community 
EDUC 621 Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Practices 
EDUC 622 New Information Literacies: the Truth Still Matters 
EDUC 623 Teacher Leadership and Professional Learning 
EDUC 625 Schoolwide Discipline 
EDUC 626 Inclusive Classroom Strategies 
EDUC 627 Teaching Students With Disabilities 
EDUC 628 Models for Tching Middle School Students 
EDUC 630 Practicum for Cross-Categorical Special Education 
EDUC 633 Active Student Participation 
EDUC 639 Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs 
EDUC 650 Integrated Literacies 
EDUC 674 Practicum in Reading 
EDUC 675 Practicum in Reading 
EDUC 681 Emergent Reading, Writing, and Language Development 
EDUC 682 ABC Math Primary 
EDUC 690 Identifying and Correcting Reading Difficulties 
EDUC 780 Practicum 
EDUC 782 Special Topics (1 – 8 credits)
EDUL 546 Special Topics 
EDUL 588 Independent Study 
EDUL 603 Leadership for Learning: Foundations 
EDUL 604 Theories of Motivation and Organizational Change 
EDUL 606 Leadership for Curriculum, Instruction, And Assessment 
EDUL 607 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners 
EDUL 608 Leadership for Learning: Management 
EDUL 609 School, Family, and Community Relations 
EDUL 610 Research for School Improvement and Student Achievement I 
EDUL 611 School Law and Mandates 
EDUL 612 Research for School Improvement and Student Achievement II 
EDUL 613 Research for School Improvement and Student Achievement III 
EDUL 614 IA Evaluator Training and Data Driven Leadership 
EDUL 615 Clinical Internship for Leadership and Theories of Motivation and Change 
EDUL 616 Clinical Internship for Management and Family Engagement 
EDUL 617 Clinical Internship for Curriculum 
EDUL 618 Clinical Internship for Legal Issues in Education
EDUL 619 Clinical Internship for Evaluation
EDUL 620 Clinical Internship for Diverse Learners
EDUL 634 Leadership Assessment
EDUL 635 The Principalship I: Leadership
EDUL 636 The Principalship Ii: Organizational Management
EDUL 637 Politics of Education and Community- School Business
EDUL 638 Legal Aspects of Education
EDUL 639 Human Resources Development
EDUL 640 Curriculum Development and Instructional Improvement
EDUL 651 Legal Aspects of Special Education and Resources
EDUL 654 Exceptional Learner’s Needs
EDUL 655 Pupil Services and Non-Discrimination
EDUL 660 Financial Resources I
EDUL 661 Business Office and Operation Mangement
EDUL 662 Financial Resources II
EDUL 663 Ancillary Services
EDUL 664 Human Resources and Legal Issues
EDUL 665 School Business Administrator Proseminar
EDUL 700 Superintendent I
EDUL 701 Superintendent II
EDUL 702 Superintendent Current and Legal Issues
EDUL 704 Collaborative Leadership for Learning
EDUL 722 The Principalship I: Leadership
EDUL 767 Practicum in Educational Leadership
EDUL 768 Practicum for Director of Instruction
EDUL 769 Practicum in Special Education and Pupil Services
EDUL 770 School Business Administrator Practicum
EDUL 771 Superintendent Practicum
EDUL 786 Special Topics
EDUL 788 Independent Study
EDUP 516 Using Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning
EDUP 521 Social Studies Methods
EDUP 522 Science Methods
EDUP 523 Math Methods
EDUP 524 Interdisciplinary Methods
EDUP 530 Disciplinary Literacy
EDUP 531 Techniques of Secondary Methodology
EDUP 534 Methods in Art Education
EDUP 540 Choral Methods 9-12
EDUP 542 Advanced Methods in Art Education
EDUP 543 Music in the Elementary School
EDUP 544 Music in the Middle/Junior High School
EDUP 546 Special Topics
EDUP 550 Educational Foundations
EDUP 551 Teaching Writing in the Language Arts Classroom
EDUP 554 Positive Classroom Environment K-9 Classroom
EDUP 555 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
EDUP 559 Student Teaching K-12
EDUP 561 Student Teaching PK-9
EDUP 563 Student Teaching: Early Childhood through Adolescence (EC-A, grades PK-12) (2 – 8 credits)
EDUP 582 Student Teaching Seminar, Pre-K-12
EDUP 583 Professional Portfolio Development
EDUP 588 Independent Study
EDUP 590 Positive Classroom Environment 6-12
ETHL 546 Special Topics
ETHL 588 Independent Study
FINA 510 Socially Responsible Financial Management
FINA 546 Special Topics
FINA 587 Finance Internship
FINA 588 Independent Study
HMGT 546 Special Topics
HMGT 584 Managerial Coaching in Health Care
HMGT 587 Healthcare Management Internship
HMGT 588 Independent Study
HMGT 630 Health Care System
HMGT 635 Population Health
HMGT 640 Health Care Finance
HMGT 650 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
HMGT 660 Health Care Outcomes and Process Improvement
HMGT 685 Capstone
HMGT 690 Intensive: Health Care Topics Seminar
HMGT 695 Intensive: Foundations of Health Care Leadership
MGMT 511 Self Leadership (1 credits)
MGMT 512 Leadership Skills in Organizations
MGMT 513 Leadership 360 (1 credits)
MGMT 520 Methods of Inquiry and Analysis
MGMT 525 Complex Systems Change Strategies
MGMT 526 Compression Planning
MGMT 546 Special Topics
MGMT 547 The Dark Side of Leadership
MGMT 549 Lean Management
MGMT 550 Business Strategies for Sustainable Enterprise
MGMT 575 Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Innovation
MGMT 578 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGMT 582 Advanced Interpersonal Skills for the Leader
MGMT 584 Management Communication
MGMT 585 Research Methodology in Business
MGMT 586 Special Topics
MGMT 587 Leadership Internship
MGMT 588 Independent Study
MGMT 590 International Business
MGMT 600 Executive Leadership in Practice
MGMT 681 Field Study
MGMT 683 Integrative Case Study
MGMT 685 Integrative Research Project (3 – 4 credits)
MKTG 530 Marketing for Today’s Leader
MKTG 540 Brand Strategy
MKTG 546 Special Topics
MKTG 587 Marketing Internship
MKTG 588 Independent Study
NURS 501 Nursing Ways of Knowing
NURS 502 Foundations of Transformational Thinking And Writing
NURS 505 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice I
NURS 510 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice II
NURS 512 Nursing Informatics Awareness and Social Justice
NURS 514 Climate Change and Health: Global Awareness and Social Justice
NURS 520 Advanced Practice Nursing Role Development
NURS 522 Holistic Nursing Health Assessment
NURS 523 Holistic Nursing Health Assessment Lab
NURS 526 Population Health in the Community
NURS 528 Population Health in the Community – Clinical
NURS 530 Nursing Research for Evidence-Based Practice
NURS 531 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NURS 535 Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS 536 Holistic Care of the Well Patient
NURS 537 Holistic Care of the Well Patient – Clinical
NURS 538 Integrative Healing in Nursing Practice
NURS 539 Integrative Healing in Nursing Practice – Clinical
NURS 540 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 541 Acute Care Assessment and Diagnostics
NURS 546 Special Topics
NURS 548 Capstone Experience
NURS 550 Scholarly Writing Intensive
NURS 584 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
NURS 588 Independent Study
NURS 602 Clinical Seminar I: AGNP
NURS 603 Clinical Seminar II: AGNP
NURS 605 Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS 607 Pharmacotherapeutics for Acute Care
NURS 610 Management of Health Problems: Adult-Gero
NURS 612 Management of Health Problems Ii; Adult- Gero
NURS 613 Advanced Clinical Decision Making for Acute Care I
NURS 615 Clinical Practicum I: AGNP
NURS 616 Clinical Practicum II: AGNP
NURS 620 Advanced Clinical Decision Making for Acute Care II
NURS 621 Advanced Clinical Decision Making for Acute Care III
NURS 642 Interprofessional Communication and Healthcare Partnerships
NURS 660 Leading Change: Applying Evidence to Practice
NURS 663 Professional Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Delivery
NURS 671 Innovation and Project Design: Scholarly Project I
NURS 672 Prototyping and Change Management: Scholarly Project II
NURS 688 Clinical Seminar I: FNP
NURS 689 Clinical Seminar II: FNP
NURS 692 Clinical Practicum I: FNP
NURS 693 Clinical Practicum II: FNP
NURS 695 Management of Family Health I
NURS 697 Management of Family Health II
NURS 699 Geriatrics Special Topics Seminar
NURS 700 Epidemiology and Population Health
NURS 710 Ethical and Theoretical Thinking
NURS 720 Outcome Management and Quality Improvement for Advanced Nursing
NURS 730 Organizational Leadership and Health Care Policy for Advanced Nursing
NURS 786 Special Topics
NURS 788 Independent Study
NURS 800 DNP Essentials Synthesis Seminar
NURS 801 DNP Seminar II
NURS 810 DNP Clincial Practicum
NURS 820 DNP Essentials Clinical Practicum
NURS 825 DNP Project/Seminar
NUTR 520 Systems Approach to Obesity
NUTR 530 Evidence Analysis and Systematic Reviews Evidence Analysis Project
NUTR 540 Nutrition, Disease and the Inflammatory State
NUTR 541 Advanced Human Nutrition
NUTR 545 Advanced Nutrition Counseling
NUTR 546 Special Topics
NUTR 550 Nutrigenomics
NUTR 552 Food and Labor Cost Control
NUTR 560 Advanced Sports Nutrition
NUTR 566 Health Assessment
NUTR 567 Health Assessment
NUTR 568 Advanced Health Assessment
NUTR 570 Developmental Nutrition
NUTR 571 Medical Nutrtion Therapy
NUTR 572 Nutrition in Health Promotion
NUTR 578 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
NUTR 580 Nutrition and Cancer
NUTR 582 Dietetic Internship Rotation 1
NUTR 583 Dietetic Intrnshp Rotation 2
NUTR 584 Dietetic Intrnshp Rotation 3
NUTR 600 Advanced Micronutrients
NUTR 601 Advanced Macronutrients
NUTR 630 Medical Nutrition Therapy III
NUTR 638 Applied Research
NUTR 640 Research I Research Project
NUTR 641 Research II Research Project
NUTR 648 Research Practicum
NUTR 650 Topics in Nutrition
NUTR 670 Nutrition Capstone
NUTR 671 MNT Capstone
NUTR 681 Nutrition Field Practicum
PROJ 546 Special Topics
PROJ 551 Pmp Certification Standards and Practice
SVLD 501 Servant Leadership Theory and Practice
SVLD 502 Theological Inquiry in Servant Leadership
SVLD 504 Ethical Decision Making for the Common Good
SVLD 530 Grant Writing
SVLD 531 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence I
SVLD 532 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence II
SVLD 546 Special Topics
SVLD 548 Teaching, Leading, Serving
SVLD 549 Wisdom and Leadership
SVLD 550 Building Community
SVLD 553 Ritual and Celebration
SVLD 555 Servant Leadership and Global Change
SVLD 557 Prophetic Leadership
SVLD 560 Power, Trust, and Organizational Culture
SVLD 562 Serving, Leading, Healing
SVLD 565 Stewardship: Franciscan Theology of Environmental Stewardship
SVLD 588 Independent Study
SVLD 593 Portfolio
SVLD 690 Colloquium

AADM 546专题

ACCT 510通过管理会计分析财务绩效

ACCT 546专题

ACCT 550欺诈考试

ACCT 587会计实习

ACCT 588独立学习

BLAW 530道德和法律决策

BLAW 540法律、道德和全球商业环境

BLAW 546专题

BLAW 550金融和商业交易的法律问题

BLAW 588独立学习

CISS 602 使技术与组织战略保持一致

COUN 510咨询职业和道德

COUN 520多元文化视角

COUN 530社会背景下的人类发展:终生咨询

COUN 540咨询理论

COUN 545学校辅导概论

COUN 546专题

COUN 550职业发展和咨询

COUN 565行为障碍

COUN 570夫妻和家庭咨询

COUN 571咨询儿童和青少年

COUN 572儿童和青少年高级咨询

COUN 580创伤和危机:综合方法

COUN 581促进健康生活方式的选择和干预

COUN 582综合保健

COUN 583监管概论

COUN 584监督基金会

COUN 585对药物滥用行业的监督

COUN 588独立研究

COUN 590成瘾咨询和共病咨询模型

COUN 591药物滥用障碍咨询

COUN 592药物滥用障碍实地考察

COUN 593励志访谈

COUN 595咨询测试和评估

COUN 635学校预防和干预

COUN 640心理诊断和治疗计划

COUN 645学校咨询计划和领导力

COUN 650心理药理学辅导员

COUN 660研究、评估和循证实践

COUN 665临床心理健康咨询基础

COUN 675咨询技巧

COUN 680团体辅导

COUN 690辅导实习

COUN 691学校辅导实习

COUN 692小学辅导实习

COUN 693中学辅导实习

COUN 695辅导实习

COUN 696高级辅导实习

COUN 698实地考察

COUN 699行动研究项目

COUN 710咨询教育、趋势和研究简介

COUN 712研究方法 I

COUN 714研究方法二

COUN 715监督基金会

COUN 720临床创伤知情咨询

COUN 725教学设计和成人学习

COUN 727多样性、社会正义和专业领导

COUN 729咨询、组织变革和计划评估

COUN 730高级咨询理论

COUN 735辅导员教育最佳实践

COUN 740团体辅导

COUN 745辅导督导理论、实践与研究

COUN 750大脑、行为和精神药理学

COUN 760高级实习

COUN 770高级临床测试、测量和评估

COUN 775综合行为保健、健康和职业

COUN 777咨询中的道德和法律问题

COUN 780辅导实习

COUN 790高级辅导实习

COUN 795论文

ECON 510改变世界的数字

ECON 546专题

ECON 588独立学习

ECON 610全球商业周期和经济政策

EDEL 500质量问题和教学与评估的一致性,以确保学习的严谨性和学生参与度

EDEL 501基于标准的教学、评估和评分

EDEL 503形成性评估:使用数据进行教学规划和干预

EDEL 504主动参与和大脑兼容学习

EDEL 505 ELL 课堂教师策略

EDEL 506管理扫盲教学:整合最佳实践、共同核心、MtSS 和责任逐步释放

EDEL 508教学框架,支持师生成长

EDEL 552语言学、语言结构和双语课堂

EDEL 553语言习得

EDEL 554 ELL 测试、评估和 MtSS

EDEL 555 ELL 实习

EDP​​D 510网络课程

EDP​​D 546专题

EDP​​D 547专题

EDP​​D 548专题

EDP​​D 549专题

EDUC 505诚信领先

EDUC 506高影响力教练最佳实践

EDUC 507领导力和制度变革

EDUC 508现场体验:创新的教师领导力和教学指导

EDUC 510网络课程

EDUC 513合作教师督导

EDUC 518阅读和语言习得的基础和心理学

EDUC 519阅读困难的评估和治疗 (K-8)

EDUC 520阅读困难的评估与治疗 (5-12)

EDUC 522质量课堂管理:基础

EDUC 523质量课堂管理:自我评估

EDUC 524 Bldg 优质师生关系

EDUC 525质量课堂管理:非强制

EDUC 531青少年识字

EDUC 535多元文化文学

EDUC 536将零件组装在一起

EDUC 537多元文化教学方法

EDUC 538创造学习条件

EDUC 539素养将 K-2 课堂的成功联系起来

EDUC 540天才教育策略

EDUC 541天才心理学

EDUC 542写作艺术教学 (K-12)

EDUC 543天才识别和编程

EDUC 544天才课程的管理和监督

EDUC 545资优教育实习

EDUC 546专题

EDUC 550儿童和多元文化文学

EDUC 551青少年和多元文化文学

EDUC 554欺凌、受害者和暴力

EDUC 556指导阅读评估、诊断和评估

EDUC 568改善口头交流

EDUC 570内容区阅读策略

EDUC 571现场经验:从出生到 36 个月

EDUC 574实地体验:幼儿园

EDUC 575现场经验:1-3 年级

EDUC 580儿童和青少年文学阅读项目

EDUC 581幼儿教育学生教学 (ec, Pk-3)

EDUC 582阅读项目的管理、监督和领导力

EDUC 588独立学习

EDUC 590监督和员工发展

EDUC 594学习风格

EDUC 595普通班优秀学生

EDUC 596阅读领导力实践

EDUC 597阅读研究研讨会

EDUC 599 K-12 阅读课程与教学督导

EDUC 600学校和社会伦理问题:过去、现在和未来

EDUC 604研讨会

EDUC 605为有阅读障碍和其他阅读困难的学生教授阅读

EDUC 608领导艺术

EDUC 609文化和语言习得

EDUC 610在线环境中的教学、学习和领导力

EDUC 612教育中的公平和社会正义

EDUC 613个别教育评估简介

EDUC 614高级个人教育评估

EDUC 619合作与过渡 – 学校与社区

EDUC 621课堂管理和积极行为实践

EDUC 622新信息素养:真相仍然重要

EDUC 623教师领导力和专业学习

EDUC 625全校学科

EDUC 626包容性课堂策略

EDUC 627教授残疾学生

EDUC 628中学生模型

EDUC 630跨类别特殊教育实习

EDUC 633学生积极参与

EDUC 639阅读项目的管理和监督

EDUC 650综合素养

EDUC 674阅读实践

EDUC 675阅读实践

EDUC 681新兴阅读、写作和语言发展

EDUC 682 ABC 数学小学

EDUC 690识别和纠正阅读困难

EDUC 780实习

EDUC 782专题(1 – 8 学分)

EDUL 546专题

EDUL 588独立学习

EDUL 603学习领导力:基础

EDUL 604动机和组织变革理论

EDUL 606课程、教学和评估领导力

EDUL 607满足不同学习者的需求

EDUL 608学习领导力:管理

EDUL 609学校、家庭和社区关系

EDUL 610学校改进和学生成就研究 I

EDUL 611学校法和规定

EDUL 612学校改进和学生成绩研究 II

EDUL 613学校改进和学生成就研究 III

EDUL 614 IA 评估员培训和数据驱动的领导力

EDUL 615领导力和激励与变革理论的临床实习

EDUL 616管理和家庭参与的临床实习

EDUL 617临床实习课程

EDUL 618 教育法律问题临床实习

EDUL 619 临床实习评估

面向多元化学习者的 EDUL 620 临床实习

EDUL 634 领导力评估

EDUL 635 校长一:领导

EDUL 636 The Principalship II: 组织管理

EDUL 637 教育和社区政治 – 学校业务

EDUL 638 教育的法律方面

EDUL 639 人力资源开发

EDUL 640 课程开发和教学改进

EDUL 651 特殊教育和资源的法律方面

EDUL 654 特殊学习者的需求

EDUL 655 学生服务和非歧视

EDUL 660 财务资源 I

EDUL 661 商务办公与运营管理

EDUL 662 财务资源 II

EDUL 663 辅助服务

EDUL 664 人力资源和法律问题

EDUL 665 学校企业管理人员研讨会

EDUL 700 警司 I

EDUL 701 警司 II

EDUL 702 警司当前和法律问题

EDUL 704 学习协作领导力

EDUL 722 校长一:领导

EDUL 767 教育领导力实习

EDUL 768 指导主任实习

EDUL 769 特殊教育和学生服务实习

EDUL 770 学校工商管理实习

EDUL 771 督学实习

EDUL 786 专题

EDUL 788 独立学习

EDUP 516 使用技术促进教学

EDUP 521 社会研究方法

EDUP 522 科学方法

EDUP 523 数学方法

EDUP 524 跨学科方法

EDUP 530 纪律素养

EDUP 531 辅助方法技术

EDUP 534 艺术教育方法

EDUP 540 合唱方法 9-12

EDUP 542 艺术教育高级方法

EDUP 543 小学音乐

EDUP 544 初中/初中音乐

EDUP 546 专题

EDUP 550 教育基础

EDUP 551 语言艺术课堂写作教学

EDUP 554 积极课堂环境 K-9 课堂

EDUP 555 课程、教学和评估

EDUP 559 学生教学 K-12

EDUP 561 学生教学PK-9

EDUP 563 学生教学:幼儿至青春期(EC-A,PK-12 年级)(2 – 8 学分)

EDUP 582 学生教学研讨会,Pre-K-12

EDUP 583 专业组合开发

EDUP 588 独立学习

EDUP 590 积极的课堂环境 6-12

ETHL 546 专题

ETHL 588 独立学习

FINA 510 社会责任财务管理

国际泳联 546 专题

FINA 587金融实习

FINA 588 独立研究

HMGT 546 专题

HMGT 584 医疗保健管理指导

HMGT 587 医疗管理实习

HMGT 588 独立学习

HMGT 630 医疗保健系统

HMGT 635 人口健康

HMGT 640 医疗保健金融

HMGT 650 医疗保健中的法律和道德问题

HMGT 660 医疗保健结果和流程改进

HMGT 685 顶石

HMGT 690 强化:医疗保健主题研讨会

HMGT 695 强化:医疗保健领导力的基础

MGMT 511 自我领导力(1 学分)

MGMT 512 组织领导技能

MGMT 513 领导力 360(1 学分)

MGMT 520 查询和分析方法

MGMT 525 复杂系统变更策略

MGMT 526 压缩计划

MGMT 546 专题

MGMT 547 领导力的阴暗面

MGMT 549 精益管理

MGMT 550 可持续企业商业战略

MGMT 575 创业、内部创业和创新

MGMT 578 高级人力资源管理

MGMT 582 领导者的高级人际关系技巧

MGMT 584 管理沟通

MGMT 585 商业研究方法论

MGMT 586 专题

MGMT 587 领导力实习

MGMT 588 独立学习

MGMT 590 国际商务

MGMT 600 实践中的行政领导力

MGMT 681 实地考察

MGMT 683 综合案例研究

MGMT 685 综合研究项目(3 – 4 学分)

当今领导者的 MKTG 530 营销

MKTG 540 品牌战略

MKTG 546 专题

MKTG 587 营销实习

MKTG 588 独立学习

NURS 501 护理知识的方法

NURS 502 变革性思维和写作基础

NURS 505 护理实践的病理生理学和药理学 I

NURS 510 护理实践的病理生理学和药理学 II

NURS 512 护理信息学意识和社会正义

NURS 514 气候变化与健康:全球意识和社会正义

NURS 520 高级实践护理角色发展

NURS 522 整体护理健康评估

NURS 523 整体护理健康评估实验室

NURS 526 社区人口健康

NURS 528 社区人口健康 – 临床

NURS 530 循证实践护理研究

NURS 531 终身健康促进

NURS 535 高级病理生理学

NURS 536 患者的整体护理

NURS 537 患者的整体护理 – 临床

NURS 538 护理实践中的综合治疗

NURS 539 护理实践中的综合治疗 – 临床

NURS 540 高级健康评估

NURS 541 急性护理评估和诊断

NURS 546 专题

NURS 548 顶点体验

NURS 550 学术写作密集型

NURS 584 向专业护理实践的过渡

NURS 588 独立学习

NURS 602 临床研讨会 I:AGNP

NURS 603 临床研讨会 II:AGNP

NURS 605 药物治疗

NURS 607 急性护理药物治疗

NURS 610 健康问题管理:成人-Gero

NURS 612 健康问题管理 II;成人 – Gero

NURS 613 急性护理的高级临床决策 I

NURS 615 临床实习 I:AGNP

NURS 616 临床实习 II:AGNP

NURS 620 急性护理高级临床决策 II

NURS 621 急性护理的高级临床决策 III

NURS 642 跨专业交流和医疗保健合作伙伴关系

NURS 660 引领变革:将证据应用于实践

NURS 663 医疗保健提供专业护理领导力

NURS 671 创新与项目设计:学术项目 I

NURS 672 原型设计和变更管理:学术项目 II

NURS 688 临床研讨会 I:FNP

NURS 689 临床研讨会 II:FNP

NURS 692 临床实习 I:FNP

NURS 693 临床实习 II:FNP

NURS 695 家庭健康管理 I

NURS 697 家庭健康管理 II

NURS 699 老年病学专题研讨会

NURS 700 流行病学和人口健康

NURS 710 伦理和理论思维

NURS 720 高级护理的结果管理和质量改进

NURS 730 高级护理的组织领导和医疗保健政策

NURS 786 专题

NURS 788 独立学习

NURS 800 DNP Essentials 综合研讨会

NURS 801 DNP 研讨会 II

NURS 810 DNP 临床实习

NURS 820 DNP Essentials 临床实习

NURS 825 DNP 项目/研讨会

NUTR 520 肥胖系统方法

NUTR 530 证据分析和系统评价证据分析项目

NUTR 540 营养、疾病和炎症状态

NUTR 541 高级人类营养

NUTR 545 高级营养咨询

NUTR 546 专题

NUTR 550 营养基因组学

NUTR 552 食品和劳动力成本控制

NUTR 560 高级运动营养

NUTR 566 健康评估

NUTR 567 健康评估

NUTR 568 高级健康评估

NUTR 570 发育营养

NUTR 571 医学营养疗法

NUTR 572 营养促进健康

NUTR 578 医学营养疗法 II

NUTR 580 营养与癌症

NUTR 582 饮食实习轮换 1

NUTR 583 饮食 Intrnshp 轮换 2

NUTR 584 饮食 Intrnshp 轮换 3

NUTR 600 高级微量营养素

NUTR 601 高级宏量营养素

NUTR 630 医学营养疗法 III

NUTR 638 应用研究

NUTR 640 研究 I 研究项目

NUTR 641 Research II 研究项目

NUTR 648 研究实习

NUTR 650 营养主题

NUTR 670 营养顶石

NUTR 671 MNT 顶石

NUTR 681 营养现场实习

PROJ 546 专题

PROJ 551 Pmp 认证标准和实践

SVLD 501 仆人式领导理论与实践

SVLD 502 仆人式领导的神学探究

SVLD 504 为共同利益做出道德决策

SVLD 530 资助写作

SVLD 531 人际关系和组织卓越 I

SVLD 532 人际关系和组织卓越 II

SVLD 546 专题

SVLD 548 教学、领导、服务

SVLD 549 智慧与领导力

SVLD 550 建筑社区

SVLD 553 仪式和庆典

SVLD 555 仆人式领导与全球变化

SVLD 557 先知性领导

SVLD 560 权力、信任和组织文化

SVLD 562 服务、领导、医治

SVLD 565 管理:方济各会环境管理神学

SVLD 588 独立研究

SVLD 593 组合

SVLD 690 座谈会




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