INFS6023 Data Visualisation

Semester 1 2019

Individual Project

Summary of requirements

Weighting: 15% (of final grade)

Due Date: 15 Apr 2019 – 9:00am

Word Limit and Other requirements:

· 1500 word limit (excluding visualisations and reference list) – see below for further detail.

· Double line spacing, 2.5cm margins and font size of no less than 12pt.

· Submit an electronic copy by the due date. Use the submission link provided on Canvas in the Assignments Tab (located on the left hand menu bar).

· Avoid using foreign languages in the assignment/visualisations.

(1) Background

The purpose of this assignment is to:

· Assist students develop their knowledge of key Data Visualisation concepts and challenges as well as their research and critical thinking skills.

· Encourage students to build their commitment to ongoing reading and research.

· Assist student to reflect on the further development of their skills and capabilities.

(2) Assignment requirements

Essay (1500 words total):

Part one: Analyse the Data Visualisation ‘Helping governments and stakeholders make the SDGs a reality’ by the UN (500 Words).

· Link to the visualisation:

· Critically analyse the visualisation. List at least four best/worst visualisation practices used in this visualisation.

· Provide suggestions for improvements.

· Use authoritative research resources to support your arguments.

· Use adequate referencing.

· Demonstrate critical thinking in your analysis.

Part two: Using, search and find a data source for analysis and visualisation of a contemporary business or social topic (1000 Words).

· Describe the data source selected.

· Justify the selection and explain why the data source can benefit from the use of Data Visualisation to address a business/social problem.

· Demonstrate critical thinking in your analysis.

· Use the different DV concepts and frameworks introduced in weeks 1-7 to reflect on your topic.

Part Three:

Tableau Visualisation

· Produce a data visualisation to present your data.

· Make sure that the visualisation clearly presents the challenges and findings.

· Use interactive visualisation capabilities available with Tableau.

· The visualisation should be in the format of a dashboard and fit on a single computer screen

· Additional details:

       · Upload the visualisation to Tableau online before the assignment due date

       · Make sure to upload the presentation in the correct folder for your stream.                For example: INFS6023-STREAM2-Mondays-ROOM4003

       · Name your Tableau file SID/Unit of Study/Assignment                                                  Name/Semester/Year with the Student ID and the stream number. For                      example file name: 4569752-Stream2

       · Provide a link to the visualisation in your submission.

       · Make sure the visualisation fits on a single computer screen.

       · Note that your fellow students from INFS6023 might have access to the                      visualisations.

       · Do not upload the full assignment to Tableau Online – only the interactive                visualisations.

       · Failing to meet these instructions will results in point deduction.


The references are not included in the overall word count. Make sure the appropriate referencing and referencing style used (APA see Canvas).

(3) Submission requirements

Submit your assignments electronically by the due date. You will find the link for submitting this individual assignment in the left hand menu tab of Canvas (Parts one and two) where the individual assignment details are located. Assignments should be designed for printing and should not contain a cover sheet. Should submission problems occur, please contact Jemimah Knight as soon as possible.

For Part three: Submit your visualisation on Tableau online by the due date.

How to submit:


Assignment and File formatting

Student Identification (SID) must appear in the header on the top right hand side of each page of the document. Do not include your name. Page number should be bottom right hand side of each page.

File name: SID/Unit of Study/Assignment Name/Semester/Year

Example: 1234567INFS6023IndividualProjectS12019

Late assignments will be penalised in accordance with Business School Policy as set out in the UOS outline.

Word Length

Where a student exceeds the word length, the student will lose 10% of the total marks when the submission is 10% above the word length and 10% for each 10% over-length thereafter.

(4.) Assessment Criteria

General explanation of standards

Please refer to the ‘Business School Grade Descriptors’ document posted on the unit of study Canvas site. These grade descriptors are used as a basis for constructing marking schemes in all assessment items.