Software Architecture and Design Pattern

Fall 2018

Project Assignment

Project Assignment:  Architectural Design of a WeChat-based Personal Health Information Management System (WPHIMS)

Due Date: Week 16 (2018/12/21)

Functional Requirements

The WPHIMS consists of a WeChat-based mobile application frontend and a Hadoop-based backend that have two servers: the big data computing server and the NoSQL server(s).

The system shall provide the following functions/services to users and the system administrator:

·allow users to apply for opening/closing an PHI account

· allow users to submit/download their own PHI data to/from the PHI account. The PHI data types include:

* manually input text data

* medical images

* a standard XML-format datasheet

·allow user to view/edit their PHI data that have been submitted

· the WeChat-based mobile frontend shall generate a two-dimensional PHI code that, when the user visits a doctor, he can present the PHI code and the doctor can get the patient’s PHI instantly on his/her mobile phone

·allow users to ask for an annual PHI report generated by the PHI big data server based on his/her PHI, yet he/she needs pay the fee

·allow sys admin to open/close a PHI account per user’s request

·allow sys admin to perform the PHI account administration work

·allow sys admin to do PHI database maintenance work

Design Requirements

use the OO methodology to complete the preliminary architectural design

·use the UML and any CASE tool/modeler as your design environment

·in the design, you need to accomplish the following tasks

* create Use Cases to cover all functional requirements

* identify major components/subsystems in your system

* accomplish class design

* design public method interface for each class and describe its function

* identify and describe the major association/interaction among the components or classes

* create sequence diagrams to show the call sequences/data flow for all Use Cases

* use the CASE tool to generate the design documents.

Project Submissions

he standard project report (template see proj-report-template.doc);

·A BOUML-generated (or other CASE tool generated) design document that contains an overview description of system architecture, the Use Case diagram, class diagram, component diagram, sequence diagram, and interaction diagram

Project Grading Policy

The project shall be completed on an individual base, and the academic ethics must be honored and strictly complied with;

·Each student needs to do an 8-minute presentation in the last week of the semester in front of an evaluation committee;

·The evaluation consists of 5 students and one professor, and the grading rules on the presentation will be announced prior to the last week;

·The project grade composition see the table below: