The main page contains all the necessary features that the user needs to perform the required functions. These features are;

1) ADD – This feature allows the user to add his choice of movie to the existing list. Upon adding, the details of the new video should be filled by the user. This user will specify the video’s genre.

2) Move – This feature allows the user the choice of positioning their movies in the desired place on the list.

3) Delete – This feature gives the user the right to remove a movie at their will.

4) Edit details – This feature provides the user with the option of altering the details of the movie at their own desires.

5) Play – This feature allows the user to play their choice of video that are compatible with media players.

6) Share – This feature gives the user the luxury of sharing their choice of video with their friends. It is done through email, facebook, twitter or any other media sharing application.

7) Search – This feature provides the user with the ability to search for their choice of video file. This is done through the use of three basic stages, which are; file, genre, and type of video.

8) Exit device – This feature provides the user with the option to exit upon completion of his activity.

The main page reflects like this in the screen and shows all the above features that enable the user to manage their choice of video.

Figure: Main page

Categorizing videos in their respective genres makes it easy for the user to find their specific movies with ease. This categorizing can be done in three ways i.e. by genre, by type, and by title. By so doing, the user is able to find their choice of video without having much to struggle.

The addition page below gives the user the option of adding new videos. This page provides the user with the destination folder that is made applicable with the user’s computer. In addition, a video link that is thumb-nailed provides the user with the option of getting the video from other sources via the link. A save button is provided for the user to save his video should he want to.

In order to add a video, the user has to provide details with respect to the videos genre, type, and title and once done, he must click save in order to save the fed details.

Figure: The addition page

Should there be a need by the user to change some of the details concerning the video selected; the prototype allows the user to do so through the edit feature. The changes made respect to the genre, type, and title of the selected video.

Figure: Edit Details Page

In the case where the user feels the need to share with his friends their choice of video, the share page provides the pathway through which the user is able to do this. Several website applications such as email, facebook, YouTube, and twitter enables the user to do this with ease.

Figure: Share page


Testing the system was done with respect to the personas that were mentioned earlier in this project.

Persona 1: Scenario 1

Peterson is a Male Student. He is 21 years old. He studies at the University of Kota. He is a fourth year student taking a degree in Economics and Business Studies with Information Technology. Peterson undertakes a full-time study program at the university. He is a freelancer in his free time; he opens his email on his computer and gets to the link and adds some comedies.

Persona 2: Scenario 2

Steve is a male student. He is 24 years currently taking a degree in Human Resource Management. He is studying at University of Toronto. He is a third year student and a full-time student. He has many computer skills. He took a diploma in computer before joining university. In his free time, Steve categorizes the comedies folders depending with the size, name, time, and content.

Persona 3: Scenario 3

Susan is a female student. She is 22 years old. She is taking a degree in Business Administration. She is a third year student studying at the University of British Columbia in Canada. She has many skills in computers. She takes her study as a part-time student. She works as the secretary for a bank near her school. On a Sunday afternoon, Susan edits her computer to comedies.

Test 3(Persona 3: Scenario 3)

Task : To add video from a link to the system

Step 1: On the main page, the tester clicks the add button

Step 2: On the video page, the tester types the link C:videospetersontwoandahalfmen.mp4

Genre: Comedy

Type: Video

Title:  Two and a Half Men

Step 3 Once satisfied, the tester clicks the save button in order to store the video.

Test 2 (Persona 2: Scenario 2)

Task: Editing details on personal video files.

Step 1: The tester clicks on the man page and right into the search button.

Step 2: The tester is taken directly into the search page

Step 3: Tester types in ‘Steve’

Step 4: The results are highlighted on the main page

Step 3: Tester types in ‘Steve’

Step 4: The results are highlighted on the main page

Step 6: The tester adds Genre – home videos, Type – personal, Title – Steve Age 24. Upon clicking the save button, the details are saved.

Note: While the go back page was not included in the original system, the tester pointed at it to try and use it. This prompted the programmer to add it in the edit page.