A few term project ideas

Value added RESTful service

· Think about what the new services would accomplish

· Select suitable Web services (either REST or SOAP) providing useful data/information for your service

· Integrate them using BPMN or Apache Camel

RDF/OWL dataset explorer

· Discover the schema being used by executing a set of predefined SPARQL queries

· Store the discovered classes, properties and their domains and ranges, class and property hierarchies, and other discovered information

· Discover the counts of instances of classes, properties (edges), etc.

· Discover interesting commonly occurring subgraphs

· Display/visualize the information on interesting individuals, show interesting subgraphs

· Other information?

· Read this article and look for similar information:

https://hiring.monster.com/hr/hr-best-practices/recruiting-hiring-advice/acquiring-job- candidates/semantic-search-for-resumes.aspx

· Think of interesting ways to enhance job searches available on job search sites

· Filter the located ads semantically, using DBpedia concepts and relationships

Text enricher (annotator)

· As an example, consider a News Article annotator (perhaps, based on the previous class project)

Jobs ontology

· Consider:


· Create a simplified ontology of computing jobs

POJO object, XML, or JSON object annotator library

· Create a framework for annotating Java objects using DBpedia or schema.org terms

· Consider using Java Annotations for Java objects

· Learn about JSON-LD: https://json-ld.org/ for JSON

· The framework would aid the developer by automatically suggesting suitable terms

· Eclispe plugin?

Semantically-enhanced bookmarks manager

· Start by learning about Raindrop (https://raindrop.io/) and others at https://theworkathomewife.com/best-bookmark-managers/ or at https://beebom.com/best- bookmark-managers/

· Design a semantic bookmarks manager, where bookmarks would be annotated with semantic tags, established by analyzing the bookmarked page, or with the help of the user

A semantically-enhanced project utilizing some datasets from http://webdatacommons.org/