Instruction/ Revision Notes to STUDENTS – Principles of Marketing Management
Based on the College’s policy during coronavirus epidemic period, all face-to-face Final
Examinations are to be cancelled per 16 April AR email to students. As agreed, an
Extended Assignment is to replace the Final Examination.
Time/Date: Thru 21 May 9:00am to 22 May 9:00am (24-hour, included extra time
allowance for network downtime)
Coverage: Chapter 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17
Format: Extended Assignment (40%) to replace the Final Exam.
• Case-based questions is compulsory, answer ALL questions (28 marks)
• Choose any 4 (FOUR) essay questions from 6 questions in this paper (18
marks each, total 72 marks), no MCQs.
Requirement: Each student needs to login his/her iSpace account to read the Questions

  1. Students could ask questions during 9:00am – 10:00am 21 May if you need to clarify
    the questions being asked. (through wechat or email).
  2. Write no more than 500 words for each essay question. It is expected to take 3 to 4
    hours to complete the essay and case-based questions. It is your responsibilities to
    employ your time wisely.
  3. If suspected of plagiarism, Turnitin will be used for plagiarism detection and student
    will received ZERO marks.
    Plagiarism is copying or imitating the language of someone else and pretending that
    the work is your own original work.
  4. Type your full name, student number and answers in a word file, then submit to iSpace
    dropbox as assigned. File name “StudentNo_StudentName”. Use Answer file as
  5. Assessment criteria: knowledge and understanding of concepts, application of what
    you have learned and applied it in the context of the questions, your skills in
    synthesizing relevant information with a high degree of clarity.
  6. If a student is affected by any IT technical issue or internet connection problem of
    iSpace, s/he needs to contact the Course Teacher via WeChat or email with information
    regarding the IT technical issue or internet connection problem; late submission by
    the hour will be penalized by the Course Teacher.

Principles of Marketing Management 4 May 2020
Chapter 8
Identify the various market entry strategies
Chapter 9
Articulated the difference among targeting strategies: undifferentiated, differentiated,
concentrated, or micromarketing
Chapter 11
Explain the difference between a product mix’s breath and a product line’s depth
Chapter 12
Identify the reasons firms create new products
Describe the different groups of adopters articulated by the diffusion of innovation theory
Chapter 13
Describe the four gaps in the Service Gap Model
Chapter 14
Describe the pricing strategies used when introducing a new product
Chapter 17
Describe the various integrative communication channels
Explain the four steps in the AIDA model
Textbook: Grewal, D., & Levy, M. (2019). Marketing, 6th Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Principles of Marketing Management 4 May 2020