Modern Social Problem

Spch2: Group/Team Communication
Monterey Peninsula College
D. S. Fox, Ph.D.
(Fall 2019)

This is a PBL (Problem-Based Learning) project based on the exposition of a modern social problem.  The team is free to choose from the list below or propose their own topic.

Focus.  The focus of this team project is to tackle a social problem that touches their hearts, perhaps personally, or because it’s something that bothers them due to seeing the issue so frequently.  Whatever the motive, it’s important to chose one that everyone in the group feels somewhat close to… or, simply wants to know about it themselves, so they might become part of the solution in the future.


Using the problem-solving matrix described below the group will investigate a modern social problem of their choice, and explain its various dimensions in a group paper, and later, present the results of their analysis to the class in an oral presentation.

A list of problem-solving questions to guide your investigation:
1.What do we know?
2.What do we need to know?
3.How and/or where can we locate that information?
4.How credible are the sources of that information?
5.What are the criteria for credible sources?
6.What are the sides or major perspectives on the issue?
7.What historical background is needed to fully understand the issue?
8.What are the implications of the social problem?
9.How far-reaching is the impact of the problem?
10.What solutions/resolutions have been suggested for that problem?

Group Paper:

Group paper:  The team is tasked to produce a research paper that captures the modern social problem chosen by the group.
Format: 8-page minimum, double-spaced, typed, names on front page, references at the end, and submitted digitally via Canvas.
Structure:  The paper should use a format of:
1.An Introduction/overview,
2.Statement of the problem/issue,
Definition of terms,