Accounting ACC
ACC 1010 Computerized Accounting
ACC 1020 Survey of Accounting
ACC 2121 Financial Accounting

Aviation AER
AER 1005 Introduction to Aviation Careers
AER 1010 Private Pilot: Ground
AER 1021 Private Pilot: Flight I
AER 1022 Private Pilot: Flight II
AER 1053 Aerodynamics & Practical Flight Applications
AER 1110 Pilot Instrument Rating: Ground
AER 1120 Pilot Instrument Rating: Flight
AER 2010 Commercial Pilot: Ground
AER 2031 Commercial Pilot: Flight I
AER 2032 Commercial Pilot: Flight II
AER 2110 Aviation Safety & Accident Investigation
AER 2130 Aviation History
AER 2330 Aviation Physiology & Psychology
AER 2802 Aviation Fieldwork/Internship
AER 3010 Certified Flight Instructor: Ground
AER 3020 Certified Flight Instructor: Flight
AER 3030 Human Factors, Risk Management, & Crew Resource Management
AER 3040 Aircraft Maintenance for Pilots
AER 3080 Airline Operations & Management
AER 3110 Aviation Law
AER 4010 Multi-Engine Land: Ground & Flight
AER 4020 Certified Flight Instructor: Instrument Ground & Flight
AER 4030 Certified Flight Instructor: Multi-Engine Ground & Flight
AER 4040 Corporate Aviation & Career Preparation
AER 4050 Training & Flying Advanced Airplanes
AER 4060 Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems
AER 4110 Advanced Transport Category Systems
AER 4130 High Altitude Navigation & International Flight Operations
AER 4610 Aviation Senior Project

Agriculture and Animal Science AGR
AGR 1011 Agricultural Techniques I
AGR 1012 Agricultural Techniques II
AGR 1030 Animal Reproduction & Genetics
AGR 1050 Livestock Production
AGR 1061 Burls to Boards
AGR 1062 Timber Harvesting
AGR 1801 Forestry Management
AGR 2011 Dairy Herd Management I
AGR 2012 Dairy Herd Management II
AGR 2030 Animal Nutrition
AGR 2040 Forage Production
AGR 2050 Large Animal Diseases
AGR 2060 Beef Production
AGR 2110 Sheep Production
AGR 2130 Dendrology
AGR 2210 Applied ArcGIS Natural Resource Mapping
AGR 3020 Advanced Livestock Production
AGR 3040 Maple Production: Science & Practice
AGR 3050 Advanced Nutrient Management Planning
AGR 3110 Apples, Berries, & Bees
AGR 3111 Vegetable Production
AGR 4040 Agricultural Products
AGR 4802 AGR Senior Summer Internship Review

Allied Health Sciences AHS
AHS 2035 First Aid & CPR

Architectural Engineering Technology ARE
ARE 1000 ARE Freshman Seminar
ARE 1011 Introduction to Construction Drawing Practices
ARE 1210 Construction Materials & Methods
ARE 1220 Architectural History
ARE 2022 Building Information Modeling
ARE 2031 Environmental Systems I
ARE 2032 Environmental Systems II
ARE 2040 Construction Practices
ARE 2051 Architectural Design I
ARE 2052 Architectural Design II
ARE 2720 Architectural & Building Engineering Seminar
ARE 3010 Design Systems Integration
ARE 3020 Structural Analysis
ARE 3030 Steel Structures Design
ARE 3040 Electrical/Lighting Systems
ARE 3050 Fundamentals of Fluids & Thermodynamics
ARE 4010 Concrete Structures Design
ARE 4020 Architectural Engineering Management
ARE 4030 HVAC Systems
ARE 4040 Plumbing Systems
ARE 4050 FE Exam Survey
ARE 4720 ARE Senior Project

Art History ARH
ARH 2110 Architectural Study Abroad
ARH 2210 Architectural & Cultural Study Abroad

Atmospheric Sciences ATM
ATM 1021 Climate Change Science
ATM 1031 Meteorology I
ATM 1032 Aviation Meteorology II

Automotive ATT
ATT 1011 Suspension & Steering I
ATT 1012 Suspension & Steering II
ATT 1013 Preventative Maintenance
ATT 1020 Engine Diagnostics & Repair
ATT 1051 Alignment & Brakes I
ATT 1052 Alignment & Brakes II
ATT 1090 Automotive Electronics Laboratory
ATT 1110 Automotive Electrical Systems Lab
ATT 2010 Engine Performance
ATT 2020 Body Electronic Systems
ATT 2030 Advanced Engine Performance & Fuel
ATT 2040 Automotive Drive Trains
ATT 2060 Advanced Technology Vehicle
ATT 2802 ATT Summer Internship Review

Biological Sciences BIO
BIO 1020 Introduction to Environmental Biology
BIO 1030 Introduction to Nutrition
BIO 1040 Principles in Biology
BIO 1220 Botany
BIO 1241 Introduction to Forest Ecology
BIO 2011 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 2012 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2030 Plant Pathology
BIO 2040 Entomology & Ecological Pest Management
BIO 2120 Elements of Microbiology
BIO 2320 Zoology

Business BUS
BUS 1341 Exploring Business & Entrepreneurship
BUS 2020 Principles of Management
BUS 2041 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
BUS 2140 Personal Finance
BUS 2210 Small Business Management
BUS 2230 Principles of Marketing
BUS 2270 Interpersonal & Oral Communication
BUS 2350 Leadership Development
BUS 2410 Human Resource Management
BUS 2440 Introduction to Business Law
BUS 3041 Applied Entrepreneurship
BUS 3150 Production & Operations Management
BUS 3230 Principles of Financial Management
BUS 3250 Organizational Behavior & Management
BUS 3410 Business Ethics
BUS 3721 Business Planning Seminar
BUS 3811 Business Problem Practicum
BUS 4080 Business Strategy & Policy Development
BUS 4310 Writing for Workplace Success
BUS 4530 Technical Project Management

Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology CET
CET 1000 CET Freshman Orientation
CET 1011 Surveying I
CET 1020 Engineering Materials
CET 1031 Engineering & Surveying Computer Applications I
CET 1032 Engineering & Surveying Computer Applications II
CET 2012 Surveying II
CET 2020 Hydraulics & Drainage
CET 2030 Environmental Engineering & Science
CET 2040 Statics & Strength of Materials
CET 2050 Civil & Environmental Design
CET 2110 Mechanics of Soils
CET 2120 Structural Design

Chemistry CHE
CHE 1020 Introduction to Chemistry
CHE 1031 General Chemistry I
CHE 2060 Principles of Organic Chemistry

Computer CIS
CIS 1041 Computer Applications
CIS 1042 Computer Applications II
CIS 1050 Introduction to Spreadsheets
CIS 1120 Introduction to Information Science & Technology
CIS 1151 Website Development
CIS 1152 Advanced Website Development
CIS 2010 Computer Organization
CIS 2025 C Programming
CIS 2151 Computer Networks I
CIS 2230 System Administration
CIS 2235 Advanced System Administration
CIS 2260 Object-Oriented Programming
CIS 2261 Introduction to Java Programming I
CIS 2262 Introduction to Java Programming II
CIS 2271 Java Programming
CIS 2320 Software Quality Assurance & Testing
CIS 2450 Advanced Web Technologies
CIS 2730 Software Engineering Projects
CIS 3010 Database Systems
CIS 3012 C++ Programming
CIS 3030 Programming Languages
CIS 3050 Algorithms & Data Structures
CIS 3152 Network Programming
CIS 3170 The History of Computation
CIS 3210 Network Routing & Switching Concepts
CIS 3250 Advanced Network Architectures
CIS 3272 Advanced Java
CIS 3310 Artificial Intelligence
CIS 4011 Information Warfare
CIS 4020 Operating Systems
CIS 4040 Computer Security
CIS 4050 Compiler Design
CIS 4080 Network Security
CIS 4120 Systems Analysis & Design
CIS 4140 Human Computer Interaction
CIS 4150 Software Engineering
CIS 4210 Computer Graphics
CIS 4220 Physical Simulations
CIS 4230 Parallel Programming
CIS 4240 Ethical Hacking & Network Defense
CIS 4241 Advanced Ethical Hacking
CIS 4250 Big Data Processing
CIS 4310 Computer Forensics
CIS 4320 Machine Learning
CIS 4721 CIS Senior Project I
CIS 4722 CIS Senior Project II
CIS 5020 Advanced Operating Systems
CIS 5050 Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
CIS 5080 Advanced Network Security
CIS 5120 Advanced Systems Analysis & Design
CIS 5130 Analysis of Software Artifacts
CIS 5140 Software Architecture
CIS 5150 Advanced Software Engineering
CIS 5210 Advanced Computer Graphics
CIS 5220 Advanced Physical Simulations
CIS 5230 Advanced Parallel Programming
CIS 5250 Advanced Big Data Processing
CIS 5320 Advanced Machine Learning
CIS 6050 Advanced Compiler Design
CIS 6140 Advanced Human Computer Interaction
CIS 6721 Master’s Project
CIS 6740 Graduate Seminar I
CIS 6741 Graduate Seminar II

Construction CPM
CPM 1000 CM Freshman Seminar
CPM 1010 Electrical/Mechanical Systems
CPM 1021 Construction Graphics I
CPM 1022 Construction Graphics II
CPM 1031 Residential Construction Systems
CPM 1032 Construction Lab
CPM 1111 Commercial Construction Systems
CPM 2010 Construction Estimates I
CPM 2020 Construction Project Management
CPM 2030 Elementary Theory of Structures
CPM 2050 Construction Management Software
CPM 2060 Field Engineering
CPM 2730 Construction Seminar & Project
CPM 2802 Construction Internship Review
CPM 3010 Construction Estimates II
CPM 3020 Construction Documents
CPM 3030 Concrete & Steel Lab
CPM 3130 Construction Soils
CPM 4010 Contract Negotiations
CPM 4030 Construction Safety & Risk Management
CPM 4040 Construction Scheduling
CPM 4120 Project Planning & Finance
CPM 4130 Construction Superintendency
CPM 4140 Construction Contracts
CPM 4730 Preconstruction Services
CPM 4802 CPM Senior Internship Review

Dental Hygiene DHY
DHY 1011 Pre-clinical Dental Hygiene
DHY 1012 Clinical Dental Hygiene I
DHY 1021 Oral Tissues I
DHY 1022 Oral Tissues II & Medical Emergencies
DHY 1030 Dental Radiology
DHY 2010 Dental Materials
DHY 2020 General Pathology & Clinical Dental Pharmacology
DHY 2030 Periodontics
DHY 2210 Community Oral Health I
DHY 2211 Community Oral Health II
DHY 2220 Oral Pathology
DHY 2721 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
DHY 2722 Clinical Dental Hygiene III
DHY 3010 Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dental Hygiene
DHY 3015 Contemporary Issues in Dental Hygiene
DHY 3020 Advanced Periodontics
DHY 3030 Dental Hygiene Methodology & Leadership
DHY 3821 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV
DHY 3822 Clinical Dental Hygiene V
DHY 4010 Advanced Community Oral Health
DHY 4213 Practice Management
DHY 4237 Introduction to Dental Hygiene Research Methods

Diesel DSL
DSL 1010 Steering, Suspension Systems, & Alignment
DSL 1020 Diesel Power Systems
DSL 1030 Diesel Electronics Lab
DSL 1050 Preventive Maintenance
DSL 1070 Diesel Electrical Systems Lab
DSL 1110 Heavy Duty Braking Systems
DSL 2010 Diesel Engine Performance
DSL 2020 Chassis Electrical & Electronic Systems
DSL 2030 Hydraulics
DSL 2040 Power Transmission
DSL 2050 Advanced Diesel Engine Performance
DSL 2802 DPT Summer Internship Review

Economics ECO
ECO 2060 Survey of Economics

Education EDU
EDU 2051 Teaching Methods I
EDU 2052 Teaching Methods II
EDU 2135 Instruction for Students with Special Needs
EDU 2200 Assessment in the CTE Classroom
EDU 2802 Educational Externship
EDU 3051 Teaching Methods III
EDU 3052 Teaching Methods IV
EDU 3115 Issues & Trends in Technical Education
EDU 4600 Education Capstone

Electromechanical Engineering Technology ELM
ELM 3015 Sensors & Instrumentation
ELM 4015 Electromechanical Power Systems
ELM 4231 Control Systems I
ELM 4232 Control Systems II
ELM 4701 Electromechanical Project I
ELM 4702 Electromechanical Project II

Electrical Engineering Technology ELT
ELT 1015 Introduction to Engineering
ELT 1031 Electrical Circuits I
ELT 1032 Electrical Circuits II
ELT 1110 Introduction to Digital Circuits
ELT 1411 Industrial Electricity Safety
ELT 2011 Introduction to Power Systems
ELT 2015 Introduction to Projects
ELT 2041 Electronic Circuits I
ELT 2042 Electronic Circuits II
ELT 2050 Microcomputer Techniques
ELT 2061 Electromechanical Systems I
ELT 2071 Basic Electricity
ELT 2072 Electronics
ELT 2073 LabVIEW
ELT 2075 Programmable Logic Controllers
ELT 2130 Industrial Electronics
ELT 2210 Introduction to Solid State Lighting
ELT 2720 Electrical Project
ELT 3010 Digital Circuits II
ELT 3040 Electronic & Data Communications
ELT 3050 Microprocessor Techniques II
ELT 3053 Electronics III
ELT 3070 Semiconductor Technology
ELT 4010 Computer Architecture
ELT 4020 Digital Signal Processing
ELT 4701 Electrical Project I
ELT 4702 Electrical Project II

Emergency Medical Services EMS
EMS 1011 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS 1012 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
EMS 1111 Principles & Practices of Paramedicine I
EMS 1121 Principles & Practices of Paramedicine II
EMS 1131 Principles & Practices of Paramedicine III
EMS 1290 Paramedic Clinical Time Extended
EMS 1804 Paramedic Field Internship

English ENG
ENG 1042 Introduction to College English
ENG 1060 Freshman Composition
ENG 1061 English Composition
ENG 2080 Technical Communication

Ground Transportation Services GTS
GTS 1040 Vehicle Electrical Systems
GTS 1120 Vehicle Electronics

History HIS
HIS 3056 Race in America
HIS 3130 The Civil War & Reconstruction
HIS 3165 Vermont History & Government

Humanities HUM
HUM 2020 Bioethics
HUM 3025 Myth: The Ties That Blend & Bind
HUM 3050 Theories of Science & Technology
HUM 3060 Cyberethics
HUM 3210 Folklore, Literature, & Legends of New England
HUM 3490 Crime & Punishment in Film & Literature
HUM 4010 East & West Holistic Healing

Interdisciplinary INT
INT 1005 Self, Career, & Culture
INT 1021 Creativity & Innovation

Landscape Contracting LAH
LAH 1020 Introduction to Horticulture
LAH 1021 Landscape Graphics
LAH 1030 Woody Ornamentals
LAH 1031 CAD for Landscape Applications
LAH 1040 Greenhouse Management
LAH 1050 Introduction to Soils
LAH 2010 Landscape Construction Practices
LAH 2011 Introduction to Landscape Design
LAH 2020 Plant Propagation
LAH 2030 Herbaceous Plant Materials
LAH 2730 Landscape Contracting Seminar
LAH 2802 LAH Summer Internship Review

Mathematics MAT
MAT 1210 Principles of Mathematics
MAT 1221 Finite Mathematics
MAT 1311 Precalculus I
MAT 1312 Precalculus II
MAT 1420 Technical Mathematics
MAT 1440 Applied Mathematics for Health Sciences
MAT 1520 Calculus for Engineering
MAT 2021 Statistics
MAT 2120 Discrete Structures
MAT 2532 Calculus II
MAT 2533 Calculus III
MAT 3170 Applied Mathematics for Engineering
MAT 3720 Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering Technology MEC
MEC 1010 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Technology
MEC 1011 Design Communication I
MEC 1012 Design Communication II
MEC 1020 Manufacturing Processes I
MEC 1040 Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering
MEC 1060 Metrology & Inspection Techniques
MEC 1070 Tool Geometry & Productive Metal Cutting
MEC 1180 Introduction to Welding Processes
MEC 1190 Advanced Welding Processes
MEC 2010 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Systems
MEC 2035 Statics & Strengths of Materials
MEC 2040 Computer-Aided Technology
MEC 2050 Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
MEC 2065 Kinematics & Dynamics
MEC 2070 Machine Design Components
MEC 2071 Machine Design
MEC 2150 Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Technology
MEC 2720 Mechanical Projects
MEC 3010 Wind Power
MEC 3021 Manufacturing Processes II
MEC 3031 Materials Processes
MEC 3040 Bioenergy
MEC 3041 Advanced CNC Machining
MEC 3120 Advanced Manufacturing & Automation
MEC 3121 Additive Manufacturing
MEC 3170 Renewable Energy Heating
MEC 4010 Lean Manufacturing
MEC 4020 Quality Assurance
MEC 4120 Renewable Energy Modeling
MEC 4220 Product Design & Production
MEC 4721 Manufacturing Capstone Project
MEC 4722 Renewable Energy Capstone Project
MEC 4802 MEC Internship Review

Music MUS
MUS 1028 Introduction to Rock & Roll

Nursing NUR
NUR 0111 Principles & Practices of Nursing I Lab
NUR 0121 Principles & Practices of Nursing II Lab
NUR 0131 Principles & Practices of Nursing III Lab
NUR 1010 Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 1020 The Nurse-Client Relationship
NUR 1111 Principles & Practices of Nursing I
NUR 1121 Principles & Practices of Nursing II
NUR 1131 Principles & Practices of Nursing III
NUR 2010 LPN to RN Transition/Trends in Nursing
NUR 2011 Advanced Pharmacology
NUR 2030 Principles & Practices of Nursing IV
NUR 2040 Principles & Practices of Nursing IV Lab
NUR 2130 Principles & Practices of Nursing V
NUR 2140 Principles & Practices of Nursing V Lab
NUR 3100 RN to BSN: Online Transition
NUR 3110 Nursing Informatics
NUR 3120 Palliative & End-of-Life Care
NUR 3121 Transition of Care in Healthcare Reform
NUR 3140 Pathophysiology & Assessment
NUR 3210 Healthcare Systems
NUR 4011 Teaching/Learning in Healthcare for Allied Health
NUR 4012 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NUR 4110 Research & Evidence-Based Practice
NUR 4130 Nursing Leadership & Management
NUR 4210 Global Health & Population-Based Healthcare
NUR 4410 Community Health

Philosophy PHI
PHI 1040 Introduction to Ethics

Physics PHY
PHY 1030 General Physics
PHY 1041 Physics I
PHY 1042 Physics II
PHY 1123 Astronomy
PHY 2041 Fundamentals of Physics I with Calculus
PHY 2042 Fundamentals of Physics II with Calculus
PHY 3030 Spacecraft Technology
PHY 3121 Modern Physics

Psychology PSY
PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 1050 Human Growth & Development
PSY 2110 Educational Psychology
PSY 3070 Abnormal Psychology

Radiologic Science RAD
RAD 1011 Radiologic Clinical Education I
RAD 1012 Radiologic Clinical Education II
RAD 1110 Summer Radiologic Clinical Education I
RAD 1111 Summer Radiologic Clinical Education II
RAD 1210 Radiologic Science I
RAD 1211 Radiologic Science II
RAD 1310 Radiographic Procedures I
RAD 1311 Radiographic Procedures II
RAD 2113 Radiologic Clinical Education III
RAD 2114 Radiologic Clinical Education IV
RAD 2210 Radiologic Science Review Seminar
RAD 2220 Radiation Biology
RAD 2230 Radiographic Pathology
RAD 2240 Specialized Imaging
RAD 2312 Radiographic Procedures III

Respiratory Therapy RSP
RSP 1010 Foundations of Respiratory Care
RSP 1011 Respiratory Care I
RSP 1012 Respiratory Care II
RSP 1013 Respiratory Care Pharmacology
RSP 1210 Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology
RSP 1601 Respiratory Clinical Field Experience I
RSP 2011 Cardiopulmonary Disease I
RSP 2012 Cardiopulmonary Disease II
RSP 2013 Respiratory Care III
RSP 2602 Respiratory Clinical Field Experience II
RSP 2603 Respiratory Clinical Field Experience III
RSP 2801 Respiratory Internship
RSP 2802 Respiratory Internship Review

Sociology SOC
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology

Social Science SSC
SSC 2030 Energy Systems & Sustainability
SSC 2720 The Social Ecology of Food
SSC 3140 Culture of the Internet
SSC 3660 Class & Educational Success

Veterinary VET
VET 1020 Animal Anatomy & Physiology
VET 1030 Animal Care & Restraint
VET 1040 Animal Diseases
VET 1051 Animal Care I
VET 1052 Animal Care II
VET 1060 Laboratory Techniques
VET 2011 Veterinary Clinical Techniques I
VET 2012 Veterinary Clinical Techniques II
VET 2030 Animal Nutrition
VET 2040 Reproduction & Genetics
VET 2050 Applied Lab Methods
VET 2060 Veterinary Office Procedures
VET 2070 Pharmacology & Toxicology
VET 2080 Animal Behavior
VET 2090 Veterinary Technician National Exam Seminar
VET 2720 Veterinary Supervisor
VET 2802 VET Summer Externship Review


ACC 1010计算机化会计

ACC 1020会计调查

ACC 2121财务会计


AER 1005航空职业介绍

AER 1010私人飞行员:地面

AER 1021私人飞行员:飞行 I

AER 1022私人飞行员:飞行 II

AER 1053空气动力学和实际飞行应用

AER 1110试验仪表等级:地面

AER 1120飞行员仪表等级:飞行

AER 2010商业飞行员:地面

AER 2031商业飞行员:飞行 I

AER 2032商业飞行员:飞行 II

AER 2110航空安全和事故调查

AER 2130航空历史

AER 2330航空生理学和心理学

AER 2802航空实地考察/实习

AER 3010认证飞行教员:地面

AER 3020认证飞行教员:飞行

AER 3030人为因素、风险管理和船员资源管理

AER 3040飞行员飞机维修

AER 3080航空公司运营与管理

AER 3110航空法

AER 4010多引擎陆地:地面和飞行

AER 4020认证飞行教员:仪表地面和飞行

AER 4030认证飞行教官:多引擎地面和飞行

AER 4040公务航空和职业准备

AER 4050训练和驾驶高级飞机

AER 4060无人机系统简介

AER 4110高级运输类别系统

AER 4130高空导航和国际飞行运营

AER 4610航空高级项目


AGR 1011农业技术我

AGR 1012农业技术 II

AGR 1030动物繁殖与遗传学

AGR 1050畜牧生产

AGR 1061毛刺到板

AGR 1062木材采伐

AGR 1801林业管理

AGR 2011奶牛群管理我

AGR 2012奶牛群管理 II

AGR 2030动物营养

AGR 2040饲料生产

AGR 2050大型动物疾病

AGR 2060牛肉生产

AGR 2110绵羊生产

AGR 2130树木学

AGR 2210 应用 ArcGIS 自然资源制图

AGR 3020先进的畜牧生产

AGR 3040枫树生产:科学与实践

AGR 3050高级营养管理计划

AGR 3110苹果、浆果和蜜蜂

AGR 3111蔬菜生产

AGR 4040农产品

AGR 4802 AGR 高级暑期实习回顾


AHS 2035急救和心肺复苏术


是 1000是新生研讨会

是 1011介绍施工图的做法

是 1210建筑材料和方法

是 1220建筑史

是 2022建筑信息模型

是 2031环境系统我

是 2032环境系统 II

是 2040 年建筑实践

是 2051建筑设计我

是 2052建筑设计二

ARE 2720 Architectural & Building Engineering Seminar

是 3010设计系统集成

是 3020结构分析

ARE 3030钢结构设计

ARE 3040电气/照明系统

是 3050流体和热力学基础

ARE 4010混凝土结构设计

是 4020建筑工程管理

ARE 4030暖通空调系统

是 4040管道系统

是 4050 FE 考试调查

是 4720是高级项目


ARH 2110 国外建筑学习

ARH 2210 Architectural & Cultural Study Abroad


ATM 1021 气候变化科学

ATM 1031气象学我

ATM 1032航空气象学 II


ATT 1011悬挂和转向我

ATT 1012悬挂和转向 II

ATT 1013预防性维护

ATT 1020发动机诊断与维修

ATT 1051校准和刹车我

ATT 1052校准和刹车 II

ATT 1090汽车电子实验室

ATT 1110汽车电气系统实验室

ATT 2010发动机性能

ATT 2020车身电子系统

ATT 2030先进的发动机性能和燃料

ATT 2040汽车传动系统

ATT 2060先进技术车辆

ATT 2802 ATT 暑期实习回顾


BIO 1020环境生物学概论

BIO 1030营养学概论

BIO 1040生物学原理

生物 1220植物学

BIO 1241森林生态学概论

BIO 2011人体解剖学和生理学 I

BIO 2012人体解剖学和生理学 II

BIO 2030植物病理学

BIO 2040昆虫学与生态害虫管理

BIO 2120微生物学元素

生物 2320动物学


BUS 1341探索商业与创业

BUS 2020管理原理

BUS 2041创业基础

BUS 2140个人理财

BUS 2210小型企业管理

BUS 2230营销原理

BUS 2270人际与口头交流

BUS 2350领导力发展

BUS 2410人力资源管理

BUS 2440商业法概论

BUS 3041应用创业

BUS 3150生产和运营管理

BUS 3230财务管理原理

BUS 3250组织行为与管理

BUS 3410商业道德

BUS 3721商业规划研讨会

BUS 3811商业问题实习

BUS 4080商业战略与政策制定

BUS 4310写作职场成功

BUS 4530技术项目管理


CET 1000 CET 新生方向

CET 1011测量我

CET 1020工程材料

CET 1031工程与测量计算机应用 I

CET 1032工程与测量计算机应用 II

CET 2012测量II

CET 2020液压与排水

CET 2030环境工程与科学

CET 2040静力学和材料强度

CET 2050土木与环境设计

CET 2110土壤力学

CET 2120结构设计


CHE 1020化学概论

车 1031普通化学我

CHE 2060有机化学原理


CIS 1041计算机应用

CIS 1042计算机应用 II

CIS 1050电子表格简介

CIS 1120信息科学与技术概论

CIS 1151网站开发

CIS 1152高级网站开发

CIS 2010计算机组织

独联体 2025 C 编程

CIS 2151计算机网络我

CIS 2230系统管理

CIS 2235高级系统管理

CIS 2260面向对象编程

CIS 2261 Java 编程简介 I

CIS 2262 Java 编程概论 II

独联体 2271 Java 编程

CIS 2320软件质量保证和测试

CIS 2450高级网络技术

CIS 2730软件工程项目

CIS 3010数据库系统

独联体 3012 C++ 编程

CIS 3030编程语言

CIS 3050算法和数据结构

CIS 3152网络编程

CIS 3170计算的历史

CIS 3210网络路由和交换概念

CIS 3250高级网络架构

独联体 3272高级 Java

独联体 3310人工智能

独联体 4011信息战

独联体 4020操作系统

CIS 4040计算机安全

CIS 4050编译器设计

独联体 4080网络安全

CIS 4120系统分析与设计

CIS 4140人机交互

CIS 4150软件工程

CIS 4210计算机图形学

CIS 4220物理模拟

CIS 4230并行编程

CIS 4240道德黑客和网络防御

CIS 4241高级道德黑客

CIS 4250大数据处理

CIS 4310计算机取证

CIS 4320 机器学习

独联体 4721独联体高级项目 I

CIS 4722 CIS高级项目II

CIS 5020高级操作系统

CIS 5050高级数据结构和算法

CIS 5080高级网络安全

CIS 5120高级系统分析与设计

CIS 5130软件工件分析

CIS 5140软件架构

CIS 5150高级软件工程

CIS 5210高级计算机图形学

CIS 5220高级物理模拟

CIS 5230高级并行编程

CIS 5250高级大数据处理

CIS 5320 高级机器学习

CIS 6050高级编译器设计

CIS 6140高级人机交互

CIS 6721硕士项目

CIS 6740研究生研讨会我

CIS 6741研究生研讨会 II


CPM 1000厘米新生研讨会

CPM 1010电气/机械系统

CPM 1021施工图我

CPM 1022施工图 II

CPM 1031住宅建筑系统

CPM 1032建设实验室

CPM 1111商业建筑系统

CPM 2010施工估算 I

CPM 2020建设项目管理

CPM 2030结构基础理论

CPM 2050施工管理软件

CPM 2060现场工程

CPM 2730建设研讨会和项目

CPM 2802建筑实习回顾

CPM 3010施工估算 II

CPM 3020施工文件

CPM 3030混凝土和钢实验室

CPM 3130建筑土壤

CPM 4010合同谈判

CPM 4030施工安全与风险管理

CPM 4040施工计划

CPM 4120项目规划与财务

CPM 4130施工监督

CPM 4140施工合同

CPM 4730施工前服务

CPM 4802 CPM 高级实习审查


DHY 1011临床前口腔卫生

DHY 1012临床口腔卫生我

DHY 1021口腔组织我

DHY 1022口腔组织 II 和医疗紧急情况

DHY 1030牙科放射学

DHY 2010牙科材料

DHY 2020一般病理学和临床牙科药理学

DHY 2030牙周病学

DHY 2210社区口腔健康我

DHY 2211社区口腔健康 II

DHY 2220口腔病理学

DHY 2721临床口腔卫生 II

DHY 2722临床口腔卫生 III

DHY 3010口腔卫生循证决策

DHY 3015当代口腔卫生问题

DHY 3020高级牙周病学

DHY 3030口腔卫生方法与领导力

DHY 3821临床口腔卫生 IV

DHY 3822临床口腔卫生 V

DHY 4010高级社区口腔健康

DHY 4213实践管理

DHY 4237口腔卫生研究方法简介


DSL 1010转向、悬挂系统和校准

DSL 1020柴油动力系统

DSL 1030柴油电子实验室

DSL 1050预防性维护

DSL 1070柴油机电气系统实验室

DSL 1110重型制动系统

DSL 2010柴油机性能

DSL 2020底盘电气和电子系统

DSL 2030液压系统

DSL 2040电力传输

DSL 2050 高级柴油发动机性能

DSL 2802 DPT 暑期实习回顾


ECO 2060经济学调查


EDU 2051教学方法我

EDU 2052教学方法二

EDU 2135 对有特殊需要的学生的指导

CTE 课堂中的 EDU 2200 评估

EDU 2802教育实习

EDU 3051教学方法 III

EDU 3052教学方法四

EDU 3115技术教育中的问题和趋势

EDU 4600教育顶峰


ELM 3015传感器和仪表

ELM 4015机电电力系统

ELM 4231控制系统我

ELM 4232控制系统二

ELM 4701机电项目我

ELM 4702机电项目二


ELT 1015工程概论

ELT 1031电路我

ELT 1032电路 II

ELT 1110数字电路简介

ELT 1411工业用电安全

ELT 2011电力系统简介

ELT 2015项目介绍

ELT 2041电子电路我

ELT 2042电子电路 II

ELT 2050微机技术

ELT 2061机电系统我

ELT 2071基本电力

ELT 2072电子产品

ELT 2073 LabVIEW

ELT 2075可编程逻辑控制器

ELT 2130工业电子

ELT 2210固态照明简介

ELT 2720电气项目

ELT 3010数字电路 II

ELT 3040电子和数据通信

ELT 3050微处理器技术 II

ELT 3053电子 III

ELT 3070半导体技术

ELT 4010计算机体系结构

ELT 4020数字信号处理

ELT 4701电气项目 I

ELT 4702电气项目 II


EMS 1011 紧急医疗技术员

EMS 1012 高级紧急医疗技术员

EMS 1111 辅助医疗 I 的原则与实践

EMS 1121 辅助医疗 II 的原则和实践

EMS 1131 辅助医疗 III 的原则与实践

EMS 1290护理人员临床时间延长

EMS 1804医护人员现场实习


ENG 1042大学英语概论

ENG 1060新生作文

ENG 1061英语作文

ENG 2080技术交流


GTS 1040车辆电气系统

GTS 1120车辆电子设备




他的 3165佛蒙特州历史与政府


HUM 2020生物伦理学

HUM 3025神话:融合与结合的纽带

HUM 3050科学技术理论

HUM 3060网络伦理

HUM 3210民俗、文学和新英格兰传奇

HUM 3490电影与文学中的犯罪与惩罚

HUM 4010东西方整体治疗


INT 1005自我、职业和文化

INT 1021创造力与创新


LAH 1020园艺概论

LAH 1021风景图形

LAH 1030木质观赏植物

用于景观应用的LAH 1031 CAD

LAH 1040温室管理

LAH 1050土壤简介

LAH 2010景观施工实践

LAH 2011景观设计概论

LAH 2020植物繁殖

LAH 2030草本植物材料

LAH 2730景观承包研讨会

LAH 2802 LAH 暑期实习回顾


MAT 1210数学原理

MAT 1221有限数学

垫 1311初等我

垫 1312初等 II

MAT 1420技术数学

MAT 1440健康科学应用数学

MAT 1520工程微积分


MAT 2120离散结构

MAT 2532微积分 II

MAT 2533微积分 III

MAT 3170工程应用数学

MAT 3720离散数学主题


MEC 1010机械工程技术概论

MEC 1011设计交流我

MEC 1012设计交流 II

MEC 1020制造过程我

MEC 1040材料科学与工程概论

MEC 1060计量和检验技术

MEC 1070刀具几何和生产性金属切削

MEC 1180焊接工艺简介

MEC 1190先进的焊接工艺

MEC 2010流体力学和流体系统

MEC 2035材料的静力学和强度

MEC 2040计算机辅助技术

MEC 2050热力学与传热

MEC 2065运动学和动力学

MEC 2070机器设计组件

MEC 2071机器设计

MEC 2150太阳能光伏技术简介

MEC 2720机械项目

MEC 3010风力发电

MEC 3021制造过程 II

MEC 3031材料工艺

MEC 3040生物能源

MEC 3041高级数控加工

MEC 3120先进制造与自动化

MEC 3121 增材制造

MEC 3170可再生能源供暖

MEC 4010精益制造

MEC 4020质量保证

MEC 4120可再生能源建模

MEC 4220产品设计与生产

MEC 4721制造顶点项目

MEC 4722可再生能源顶点项目

MEC 4802 MEC 实习审查


MUS 1028摇滚简介


NUR 0111护理 I 实验室的原则与实践

NUR 0121护理 II 实验室的原则与实践

NUR 0131护理 III 实验室的原则与实践

NUR 1010护理药理学

努尔 1020护士与客户的关系

NUR 1111护理原则与实践 I

NUR 1121护理 II 的原则与实践

NUR 1131护理原则与实践 III

NUR 2010 LPN 到 RN 过渡/护理趋势

NUR 2011高级药理学

NUR 2030护理原则与实践 IV

NUR 2040护理 IV 实验室的原则与实践

NUR 2130护理 V 的原则与实践

NUR 2140护理 V 实验室的原则与实践

NUR 3100 RN 到 BSN:在线过渡

努尔 3110护理信息学

NUR 3120姑息治疗和临终关怀

NUR 3121医疗保健改革中的护理过渡

NUR 3140病理生理学与评估

努尔 3210医疗保健系统

NUR 4011 专职医疗保健中的教学/学习

NUR 4012整个生命周期的健康促进

NUR 4110研究与循证实践

NUR 4130护理领导与管理

NUR 4210全球健康与基于人口的医疗保健

努尔 4410社区卫生


PHI 1040道德概论


PHY 1030普通物理学

PHY 1041物理我

PHY 1042物理二

PHY 1123 天文学

PHY 2041物理基础 I 与微积分

PHY 2042物理基础 II 与微积分

PHY 3030 航天器技术

PHY 3121现代物理学


PSY 1010心理学概论

PSY 1050人类成长与发展

PSY 2110教育心理学

PSY 3070异常心理学


RAD 1011放射学临床教育我

RAD 1012放射临床教育 II

RAD 1110夏季放射学临床教育我

RAD 1111夏季放射临床教育 II

RAD 1210放射科学我

RAD 1211放射科学 II

RAD 1310射线照相程序我

RAD 1311射线照相程序 II

RAD 2113放射临床教育 III

RAD 2114放射临床教育 IV

RAD 2210放射科学评论研讨会

RAD 2220放射生物学

RAD 2230放射病理学

RAD 2240专业成像

RAD 2312射线照相程序 III


RSP 1010呼吸护理基础

RSP 1011呼吸护理我

RSP 1012呼吸护理 II

RSP 1013 呼吸护理药理学

RSP 1210呼吸解剖学和生理学

RSP 1601呼吸临床现场经验我

RSP 2011心肺疾病 I

RSP 2012心肺疾病 II

RSP 2013呼吸护理 III

RSP 2602呼吸临床现场经验 II

RSP 2603呼吸临床现场经验 III

RSP 2801呼吸实习

RSP 2802呼吸实习审查


SOC 1010社会学概论


SSC 2030能源系统与可持续性

SSC 2720食物的社会生态

SSC 3140互联网文化

SSC 3660班级和教育成功


VET 1020动物解剖学和生理学

VET 1030动物护理和约束

兽医 1040动物疾病

VET 1051动物护理我

兽医 1052动物护理 II

VET 1060实验室技术

VET 2011兽医临床技术我

VET 2012兽医临床技术 II

兽医 2030动物营养学

VET 2040生殖与遗传学

VET 2050应用实验室方法

VET 2060兽医办公室程序

兽医 2070药理学和毒理学

兽医 2080动物行为

VET 2090兽医技术员国家考试研讨会

VET 2720兽医主管

VET 2802 VET 夏季实习回顾




计算机 c/c++,java,python,R,matlab,stata,spss,eviews,jupyter note,hadoop,汇编,底层,软件,数据分析,数据挖掘,模型。