Desmos Graphing Calculator Art Project

Your goal, in a nutshell is to make a drawing and/or an animation using the Desmos graphing calculator.
For this project, you are going to show off your understanding of function transformations, and your skills with the Desmos Graphing Calculator. Your assignment: create a piece of art using functions and function transformations on Desmos.

You must use at least 3 distinct kinds of functions. Here is a list that you can choose from, some of which we have studied in detail, some of which we have not…

-Polynomial functions (e.g., )
-Radical functions (e.g., )
-Rational functions (e.g., )
-Absolute Value (e.g., -Exponential functions (e.g., )
-Logarithmic functions (e.g., )
-Trigonometric functions (e.g., )

Your piece of art can be…
-Original or a reproduction (cite your source if reproducing an existing image)
-Realistic or abstract
You must use stretches, reflections, and translations/shifts.
All of your transformed functions should be written in terms of translations of the original function
-For example, graph  instead of

-You must include a written description of your art showcasing your understanding of the academic language of functions and transformations (100-300 words)

-Writing submitted as a comment in the same Word file as your Desmos link

-For example, if I drew a picture with some people in it, part of my description might look like this: In the picture, the girl’s hair is made up of transformations of the basic quadratic function . I had to translate them vertically and horizontally, and used different stretches to make the hairs go in slightly different directions. I also used different restrictions so that the hairs were different lengths.
Your art must be beautiful, and hopefully there are some elements of “fun” that are evident in this project.
This is an assignment that is meant to reinforce key concepts and big ideas in Pre-calculus 12. For example: the use of different kinds of functions/relations will show that you understand the curves that they create on the 2D coordinate plane, the use of sliders in a Desmos graph shows that you can introduce parameters into the equations of your relations whose different values affect the graph of the relation in a specific way; the use of folders shows that you can gather and organize equations for a specific purpose (and allows me to mark more easily by being able to clearly navigate through the equations of your relations), etc..

First Drafts must be handed in on April 29th, and will be submitted to the Desmos Global Math Art Contest (unless you tell me not to – submissions will be anonymous unless you win something!).

If you would like to improve on your First Draft, then let me know and you can continue working on a Final Draft and re-submit by June 1st for an improved mark.

Does not meet requirements 2
Some attempt to meet requirement 3
Meets requirements 4
Exceeds requirements
Original kinds of Functions Used Less than three used Three used More than three used
Transformations Does not include all three All three included Multiple instances of all three performed on one function at the same time. Perhaps even smart use of function combinations.
Notation Some functions not written in function notation All functions written in function notation xxx
Restrictions Restrictions included with inconsistent notation Restrictions included with consistent notation Restrictions included with consistent, efficient notation
Advanced Some use of advanced tools like sliders, shading, function combinations, and polygons. Strong use of advanced tools like sliders, shading, function combinations, and polygons. Multiple sliders, shadings, function combinations, and polygons used
Academic language Meets minimum word count, but shows limited understanding of technical vocabulary Shows good understanding of technical vocabulary Shows exemplary understanding of technical vocabulary
Beautiful and fun (attention to detail, personal engagement) Shows some attention to detail and personal engagement Shows good attention to detail and personal engagement Totally beautiful and obviously fun!
28 points total (will go into Test Marks folder)

*credit to Jon Lind for the rubric template and inspiring some of the criteria

Extra functionalities of Desmos Graphing Calculator to add some flair:

Adding Polygons:


Huge 30-min Desmos Webinar: