Alia Al Shamsi

Is a young photojournalist and the first expert female photographic artist of her nation.

Brought up in Dubai from an Italian mother and a UAE father, Alia examined photography and photojournalism in Australia and really is a full time photojournalist for two of Dubai’s daily papers: El Emarat El Youm and Emirates Today and is taking a shot at an arrangement of free activities as a picture taker, keeper and annalist. As of late Alia has been included with pictures for publicizing, concentrated especially on style and sustenance. Alia’s photos have been displayed in Australia, Italy, Germany, UAE and USA and also distributed in universal magazines, for example, National Geographic.

Personal Details:
Name: Alia Saeed Ali Al Shamsi
Age: 23
Nationality: UAE
Degree: Bachelors of Photography, Major Photojournalism

Interview Questions

O3: What inspired you to enter the field of photography?
Alia: I had dependably been slanted towards expressions of the human experience, so about knew I would head into that heading. First and foremost, I began concentrating on Visual Communications in Dubai and there oblivious room I fell head over heels in love for photography. Maybe this energy was because of the way that my father’s diversion has dependably been photography and when I was just six I took a photograph which left my guardians stunned so I had my first came at seven years old. After a couple of courses my photography teacher was exceptionally strong and let me know that I ought to be considering taking photography as a profession. My father was not excited whatsoever, truth be told, he was all that much against it supposing it is not a decent profession and that there is nothing out there for me. The individuals felt that in the event that it is not a business it won’t work in Dubai. Then again, I at last figured out how to persuade my guardians to proceed with my studies and abroad and set a lone rangers decision of photography. Thusly all my outline courses fell into electives and needed to complete the center photography classes.

O3D: Was photography a fun subject to study
Alia: Yes, it was fun, and no it wasn’t simple. I had originated from Dubai where the thought of look and click had no foundation on any examination, history, rationality, not to mention detail of the exchange. I didn’t comprehend f-stops, opening and all that, I was such a great amount behind everybody. I had little time to get up to speed and had a marvel of strong staff. We needed to study science, maths, and material science that managed the chemicals utilized as a part of the labs and also the entire investigation of lenses which was irritating since I thought I would never need to study maths until the end of time! However it likewise comprised of showing me to research my subject, which implied heading off to the library perusing up on it and taking a gander at how past photographic artists had managed it. My most loved part was the philosophical side and in addition craftsmanship history, which simply gave deeper intending to how to peruse and translate photos through utilizing visual dialect which was shocking as you would see more to the picture than simply the early introduction

O3D: Could you please describe to us your daily schedule as a professional photographer?
I typically get a telephone call the prior night to illuminate me in the event that I have any early assignments. I go there and take the shots then after I’m carried out I head once again to the workplace and transfer them. I pick my most ideal chances then run them through to the picture manager who picks the last pictures to strive for print. At times it happens that I work late and I send my photographs through our FTP framework which is similar to a wire framework where anybody from the photography division or the picture manager can join with so they can download the pictures. Normally it gets tumultuous on the off chance that you are on a night task and it must be in for the following day paper on the grounds that you will need to be once again at the workplace to run the photographs before 10:30pm which is the point at which the paper is put to rest.

O3D: Is there a photographer in particular that inspired your work?
Alia: I imagine that I am more enlivened by ordinary individuals. They are my actual motivation. I regularly invest more of a chance to get to know the individual I will photo, they straightforwardness up and after that I would begin taking photographs. I never leave a photograph session the same, their stories transform me, they impact me, and consequently move me.

O3D: What is your biggest achievement?
Alia: Getting the occupation! No, it is really more than that, it is the trust and obligations that the individuals have provided for me. I was picked as the sole photographic artist to go to Pakistan to cover the quake and I have additionally been conveyed to Riyadh for a selective meeting with Prince Al Waleed. I am so appreciative for the risks that I have been given and from my side I will strive to verify I am deserving of that trust.

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