Due  美中时间 May 3 11am.

语言: Java 音乐可视化 运用音乐和图片背景的library

Project Instructions

Step 1: Choose a topic that you would like to visualize data about.

Step 2: Create or find a data source.

Step 3: Design and create a data visualization program using Processing in the IntelliJ IDE.  Your program should be interactive, and the data should be visualized in at least two different ways in your program.  This means there should be at least two screens in your program, each of which visualizes your data in a different way.  At least one of your visualizations should be interactive; the user should be able to interact with the data in some way.  Your program should also contain images or utilize at least one external library (sound, video, etc.).  There are many libraries in Processing that you can use to fulfill this criteria.  See the Libraries page (Links to an external site.) on the Processing website (Links to an external site.) for more information

Step 4: Write a summary of your project and the problems you encountered while writing your code.  Your write up should be 2 pages minimum and address the following questions.

How does the user interact with your visualization?

How is your code organized? What classes did your create? What functions did you write?

Which library did you use? Did you have any issues integrating the library into your project?

Did your visualization designs change during during project development? Why did they change?

What data structures did you use to hold your data? Why did you choose those structures?

What format did the data originally come in (text, XML, CSV, JSON)?  Did you need to do anything special to the data before you could use it in your program?

Did you need to use a separate thread to load your data? Why or why not?

Alternative projects must be approved beforehand by the instructor.

What to Submit

A compressed (.zip) folder containing your project files, including all your source code files and a word document or PDF of your project write-up.

My own design:


The Sound Visualization will be a challenging project that will interpret a song into shapes indicated below. Users will have the option to interact by choosing different visualization shapes. It will be quite challenging, but I will do some research and learn as I progress.

The Wireframe

Shape 1: Dynamic line

Shape 2: Sphere shape

Shape 3: Oval shape