· Using a w3.css template, create a site about winter sports.

· Use your css skills to completely change the design of a page that someone else created.

· Add a Javascript function.


· Re-read the Academic Honesty Statement.

· Go to the w3.css templates page and select the Startup Template.

· Click the button that says Try It Yourself to see the code behind the page.

· Copy all the code and paste it into a new HTML document.

· Save it as A4.html.

· Modify A4.html as follows:

        o Change the title to Assignment 4: Winter at Bentley.

        o Add a comment with your initials and the date on the line after the                           opening html tag

        o Make the following changes:

               § Modify the navigation bar as follows:

                      § Change the background color and font of the main navigation                                  bar; use a Google font.

                      § Change what happens when you hover over anything in the nav                                  bar.

                      § Replace the navigation bar icons with other fontawesome icons.                                   (Hint: remember you can Google the Font Awesome Cheatsheet!).

                      § Remove the LOGO entry (none of the nav bar links need to go                                       anywhere!)

               § Replace all picture(s) on the page with something different than the                            default.

               § Replace all text to talk about winter at Bentley – snow storms, sports,                           etc.

               § Using the CSS tools you have learned so far, make 5 other big                                   changes to the page so it looks nothing like it did originally.

               § Add a multi-lined comment that lists the five big changes so I will                          know what you did.

        o Add a JavaScript function that uses an alert box to welcome users to                     your page.

        o Cite anything that needs to be cited!

· Save the file. View the page with two browsers. Fix any issues and make sure it looks good! Make corrections as necessary and save your file.

· Validate your code using the W3C validator. Fix any errors! Validate again. Add an image of the perfect validation score to your page.

· Save A4.html.

· Add A4 to your nav bar in index.html.