As noted on the wiki, the test structure I provide you there is just sample test framework and not the framework I will actually use for m For example, the sample framework currently has 3 test cases in it, w the framework I have been working with to develop my solution has 51 and is still growing.

Passing all the hidden phase 1 related tests that I come up with shou to a pass (50%) for the assignment. Passing all the hidden phase 1 a related tests should get you to at least a 70% on the assignment. To  a 100% on the assignment would require passing all my hidden test cas three phases.

So far, the test suites that I am using to evaluate the assignment (5 and growing) take under a second to run on my solution. So if they t  a minute to run on your solution, I will assume your solution is brok in an infinite loop and it will be marked accordingly.

Remember that the assignment is being marked as part of the course ev of your abilities and so is expected to represent your individual eff discussed in the accompanying README file.

You should verify that you have accomplished this by running the prog assignments/due190214/name_check.rb


        cd assignments/due190214

        ruby name_check.rb

which should respond

        successfully found /lib/due190214.rb

If, instead you get:

        could not find /lib/due190214.rb

        this is bad

then this is bad and you should fix it.

Note name_check.rb just checks the name, we still need to check the c of the file yourself.

Once you have pushed your assignment back to the repository, you shou verify that that all worked by connecting to the web page for the rep and navigating to assignments/due190214/lib/due190214.rb and looking is there.

Be sure and review the git and assignment related information on the (and be careful about when you are looking at 2019 material and when you are looking at older material — like the 2018 assignments). Goo