MFIN 6205

     Financial Risk Management for Financial Institutions

                     Term 1, 2019, Group Assignment

A final report from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has recently been published, here. The Royal Commission has had a significant impact on the financial industry and specific companies already – for many of them, like NAB, AMP, IOOF, the management did not survive the scrutiny and their share value has been hit hard.

The Final Report states a number of recommendations, designed to improve the state of financial services in Australia. The assignment for your group is as follows.

· Select one (or a number of related) recommendation(s) from the Final Report

· Identify the issue or risk that is driving the recommendation(s). In doing so, compare the current state of affairs (and controls in place) with the proposed state of affairs.

· Analyse and provide an opinion (backed by relevant supporting documents) whether you believe the recommendation(s) will achieve its aim

· Analyse the impact of the recommendation(s) on the banks’ risk management framework.

This is a group assignment with a written submission due in week 10. They should be up to 3000 words, a maximum of 15 pages excluding appendices and footnotes and font size 12 at least. All data and information sources must be properly acknowledged. The assignment comprises 20 per cent of the total mark for the course. Most importantly, the assignment should be presented as a single, seamless piece of work, as opposed to 3-4 pieces put together at the last moment.

Based on your written submission, develop a short in-class presentation (maximum of 10 min, including Q&A) to be presented during the Week 10 lecture.