Marking Scheme for L1022 Project

Each project document contains instructions on what to do with the data. You need to ensure you follow those instructions. Once you have copied and pasted the data into Excel, perform the analysis as stated in each question in your project document.

The suggested general format for writing up the project and marks available for each section is as follows:

1. Select a project and indicate its title. Begin with a short introduction summarising your project. Define your variables, and identify the questions you will address using the provided data. [10%]

2. Descriptive statistics: calculate descriptive statistics and summarise the key features of the data using suitable graphs. Provide a written interpretation. [15%]

3. Correlations: find the correlation coefficients between pairs of variables and test their statistical significance. [10%]

4. Regression model: estimate the regression model in the project sheet and display the results in a table. Comment on the economic and statistical significance of the estimated coefficients. [20%]

5. Interpret the R2 and test the overall goodness of fit of the model. [10%]

6. Prediction: show your workings and interpret your predictions. [10%]

7. Re-define the model as required in the project sheet and estimate it. Comment on any changes to the results and goodness of fit. Note: it is sufficient to discuss the changes, without explicitly showing the testing procedure. [15%]

8. Conclusions. What are the overall findings of the project? [10%]

Remember that top marks will only be awarded to clearly presented, accurate and well written answers. For example: tables presented without supporting explaining explanation will not score high marks.