There are two assessments for this module

One Individual “blog” of a 1000 words    (20% of the module mark)

One end of module essay of 3,000 words (maximum)   (80% of the module mark)

The details of each assessment follows below

Individual Blog (1000 words maximum)

You will present in class a critical assessment of a piece of contemporary analysis

which you will then write up as a 1000 word “blog type” post. This will be the form of

a Word document.

There has been an explosion of blogging in recent years and there is a wide variety

of web sites that host these blogs. Individuals have these as well as organisations

and newspapers.

You will choose a topic related to the module to follow and research about. You can

get ideas for topics by looking at relevant blog sites as detailed in the web site

section above.

Examples might be as follows

· The rise of the middle class in China

· The Chinese Dream?

· One Belt One Road

· Challenges for the World Economy

· What are the prospects for the BRICS bank?

· Reforming the World trade system

· Growth and Inequality

· Trade Openness, Growth and Development

· The impact of the change in world oil prices

· Chinese Economic Reform and the “New Normal”

· What is the agenda for the G20?

· Is Country X’s growth sustainable?

· Is the Global Trade system disintegrating?

· Are the MINT economies the next generation of BRICS?

· Will the BRICS take over the World?

· What progress has been made in creating effective Global Governance?

· The future of the European Union


· The rise of Protectionism in the USA

· Why is there a rising backlash against Globalisation?

You can discuss your ideas with your tutor. Once you chose your topic then you will

need to do a lot of research finding out the background to this and then thinking

about what it is that you want to write about in relation to this. The best way to

approach this is to look at as many relevant blog sites and see what the main issues

that are being addressed and pick a topic area in which you are interested.

The marking criteria for the Blog is as follows.

Choice of Topic– How relevant is this to the content of the module   (5 marks)

Research– How much background research has gone into the preparation of the

blog. This will be evidenced by the references to other authors, sources

of information contained in the text of the blog and each blog must be supported with

bibliography (5 marks)

Focus– To what extent does the blog make it clear the issues that it is addressing

and the questions that it is setting out to answer? (5 marks)

Style/Structure– To what extent is the blog written in a way as to be accessible to

well-educated but generalist audience and how well has the blog been structured so

that it flows logically.? (5 marks)

You will have the opportunity to present your idea for the Blog in class and give a

short  (no more than 10 minutes) presentation of your idea and the key points that

you will want to make to your fellow students and the tutor The presentation is

informal but you can use a hand-out/power-point presentation if you like. This will

give you the opportunity to get formative feedback from your tutor and class mates.