Brand Development Project

Vintage Girl Brand


Class Name


Inspiration and Brainstorming

I am inspired by curated romantic and feminine clothes and dresses for modern women. I I adore these kinds of clothing and accessories easily presents the theme of feminine, romance, nostalgic, and believe in simple beautiful life that is surrounded by those I love and adore. The pictures below demonstrates some of my inspirations

Figure 1: My Inspirations Images for a Vintage Girl Design

Brand Logo and Brand Story

The Vintage Girl brand logo above brings into reality the quality hat is hidden in the beauty of the vintage design. The colors of the shades are warm suggesting the theme, feeling or the environment that they surrounds themselves with by wearing the vintage girl design clothing. Though the clothing design looks classical they clearly portray the woman in the photo as sexy with speech bubble silence gesture girl hand drawn vector illustration. The adored vintage girl in the logo is feminine, romantic, and nostalgic and she believes in living a simple beautiful life that is surrounded by those that she loves and adore in her life. The girl perceived in this logo is considered to value her relationships, she is passionate about living a meaningful life and she understands that it is not about the label of the dress that she is wearing, but rather the life she is living in the dress. This is a type of girl who would stop to smell the roses and pause to enjoy the sound of rain in the autumn.

Brand Differentiation and Market Research

Vintage Girl Design seeks to inspire women to live lives they are happy and proud of, to live life that is simple and of attainable beauty. This brand inspires women to live a life of simple attainable beauty, to place significance on the quality of living and not the cost of living. This brand seeks to inspire women to live in a kinder, more beautiful and more fulfilling lives. These cloths therefore inspire sense of self confidence and living a life that people have always imagines now.

Figure 2: Brand Positioning Map

The brand is expected to shift as the market matures to ensure it retains a competitive advantage. For this reasons a multi-attribute perceptual map is used on the brand. The brown circular point on the multi-attribute perceptual map shows the positioning of the brand in respect to the different attributes being examined or compared.  Vintage Girl Design is hot and cool and it is highly successful when it comes to popularity and fashionability after being active for longer than many other fashion designs although they have limited social media presence.

Trend Research

This is the rock vintage fashion. This design shows old world charm and glamour. The trend information was found online.