CSC 120: Introduction to Computer Programming for Non-majors

Spring 2019

Assignment 5


For each question create a Python script with the name Question xxwhere xx is the question number.Provide your name and what program does in each script.Provide necessary comments.

Once you are done, create a folder with the name Assignment-03, put all your scripts in there, zip it, and then upload the zip file in to Canvas.Always show that your code works by using few test cases (1-3)If you are not clear about any of these steps, just ask.

This must be your own work. I have already explained policies regrading plagiarism and they are in your syllabus.

Question 1 (20 points) A pentagonal number is defined as n(3n–1)/2 forn = 1, 2, . . ., and so on. Therefore, the first few numbers are 1, 5, 12, 22, . . .

Write a function that returns a pentagonal number for a given n 1. Write a test function that uses that to display the first 100 pentagonal numbers with 10 numbers on each line.

Question 2 (20 points) Write a function that computes the sum of the digits  in a non negative integer. For example, sumDigits(234) returns 9(2 + 3 + 4). Write a test function with few test cases and show that your function sumDigits works.

Question 3 (20 points) Write a function with the name reverse, that reverses a non negative integer passed to it. As an example, it should returns 456 when you pass 654 as the input.Write a test function to test your reverse function.Now, write another function with the name palindrome which takes a non negative integer and check if it is a palindrome.Hint: You should use the reverse method you just created. Write a test function to test your palindrome function.

Question 4 (20 points) Write a function to determine a number is prime.Write a test function with atleast 5 test cases to test your function.Question 5 (20 points) π can be estimated using following series. 1 1 1 1 1

Write a method to return m(i) for a given i and write a test function to that displays the following approximation table.