AI代写|machine learning代写 | risk and application JavaScript


帮忙做一页AI有关的网页。参照另外两页machine learning和risk and application的内容和水平就好。并且帮忙在home page上加个overview。

Homepage link:

点nav bar上的 Artificial Intelligence 就是这次要做的这页。

点nav bar上的machine learning和risk and application可以看到其他组员的网页。注意要用的function不能跟组员有重复。

HW requirements:

Content on each page should include:

• Navigation – should link to each page in the site and be identical on each page.

• Informational text about the topic – include various levels of headings as required

• Images applicable to the topic CITED below the images NOT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!

• External links applicable to the topic

Please review the topics we have covered this semester and include design elements that are appropriate for your pages (tables, multimedia, pseudo elements, icons, animation, etc.)

Please ensure you <cite> anything (text, images, etc.) that was not created by you by including a link to the actual page where the content was acquired; also cite anything you created without a link. Please add comments to any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that you borrow that says where you got it.


Each person’s page must contain at least three pieces of JavaScript: one function that runs when the page loads, one function that runs based on a user action (click, mouseover, etc.), and one that runs without using a function. Team members must use completely different functions that do completely different things!

Again, please review the topics we have covered so you can add appropriate JavaScript that adds to your overall design and functionality.

Please make sure to comment any code that you borrow from any other source. No JavaScript is required on the homepage but can be included if you desire.